“Anything Rural”

This week’s theme for the photography assignment was “Anything Rural,” and so today was my opportunity to go for my walk.

I know from occasional comments on some earlier posts that focused on my walks that some of you enjoy joining me, so I welcome you along again.

I didn’t have anything specific in mind, other than I just knew that I’d find something to fit that theme. ¬†Which meant there’d be all sorts of surprises!




Photo #1

There they stand in line,

Square and rounded mailboxes;

Just a motley crew.




Taken in the early evening…..I’ve always found the “jumbled” look of a collection of rural mailboxes fun to look at. They look like a group of old cronies hanging out, just “shooting the breeze” – some leaning forward, some leaning back, some slanted. Different mailboxes have different bases – with cement or just wooden poles – creating that uneven look. And sometimes that jumbled look is caused by a touch of vandalism. Every once in a long while, someone gets the “bright” idea to go waling at innocent mailboxes with a baseball bat…..you get the idea.
The somewhat faded maple leaf pattern on the one mailbox gives a hint as to this country…. ūüôā




Photo #2

Shimmering waters,

Some clusters of green brushes;

Home to ducks and frogs.




This spot is a lovely little triangular shaped bit of land and pond – between two country roads and at the bottom end of where I live. It’s a fun little pond which, when the water is at its highest, joins up with the bigger pond on the other side of that dirt road (the one I’m standing on), leading to the dairy farm there….and that part of the road can get a bit “soggy.”
Primarily, this pond is the home of several duck families….and a host of loud and delightfully raucous peeper frogs, singing with heart and soul in the evenings until dusk and into dark.
I love this little wildlife habitat.




Photo #3

Setting sun shadows,

Endless rows of sprouting greens;

The cycle renews.




Since I was walking with the approaching sunset, the lighting has some things jump out more. In this case, I was enjoying the sight of the newly sprouted bright green plantings in another nearby farm field. I love looking at the even rows throughout the field and then a bit of criss-crossing with the oblique lines from the tractor tire tracks.




Photo #4

Three pure white petals

Combined with deepest green leaves;

T’is the Trillium!




Again, for my last submission, I pick my most favie of the bunch….a flower. And a special one at that. The trillium; the provincial flower of Ontario. It only grows in wooded areas, and this one I spotted in a small woods adjacent to a small bungalow, along the main country road where I walk. It’s actually that small wooded area on the left side in my #3 photo. The trillium is a protected flower, in order to prevent overpicking and so that we and future generations may always enjoy seeing its lovely, white, three petalled beauty in the month of May.





The Lost Tree


A small patch of woods

In the fog’s embrace; spooky,

Arms stretching…imploring?



It was a somewhat foggy morning yesterday, when I was heading for work.
Funny how something can suddenly grab your attention.
As I turned left on the road and then happened to glance to my left, something immediately caught my eye!
It was the effect of the light caused by the foggy greyness and the patterns of the bare tree silhouettes.
I kept on driving, but that image stayed strongly with me.
So I stopped the car. Thought about it. That kind of imagery doesn’t happen all the time…..so better to grab this photo op while I can.
I drove back and turned around and slowly repeated my path…..taking photos with my phone. Then I noticed the spot again. It was the one with the large tree in the left foreground with its arms reaching out and to the right, towards that unknown area.
It had a spooky feel to it.

Had me thinking…..what a cool setting for a story. Or a scene in a film?
Something is definitely prodding at my writing self…..

Life creates art.


First Snowshoe Walkabout this Winter

It was one of those beautiful, dreamy, mild winter days, where the outdoors simply calls to you.  We heeded the call, but since there had been a good, deep snowfall for the past two days Рand the snow was still light and fluffy Рwe felt that snowshoes were the way to go.

My daughter had dropped in on her way through; she was headed back to her place. ¬†But first, as we couldn’t resist such an opportunity, my husband, daughter, and I strapped on our snowshoes and headed into our woods behind the house.

I took a picture of my snowshoes – haha! ¬†And then the mini snowfalls that are created whenever someone pulls down on a branch. ¬†There was some “climbing” here and there……over tree stumps and up the hill back to the house.

And here are the three of us (Sonja, our daughter, on the far right) – feeling great after some fresh air, some fun exercise, walking through the woods, looking for animal tracks and not finding any…..haha! ¬†And check out those rosy cheeks!


Some Scenes from My Walk Yesterday

006033 055 058 095

I have been enjoying my walks along this country road throughout this summer and into the fall. ¬†It has been an eye-opening experience for me to really see how much wondrous beauty I could find every day in this small area. ¬†And it isn’t always big, smack-in-your-face, eye-popping beauty. ¬†Much of it showed up in subtle ways. ¬†Almost as if it would just whisper to me, “look here, oh, and over there! ¬†What do you see?” ¬†I found beauty in the different trees, various wildflowers, occasional encounters with wildlife, and clouds in the sky that would set the mood from bright and cheerful to sombre and stormy…..with occasional sunsets mixed in. ¬†I took hundreds of photos on these walks, because every day brought new treasures to light, and I just HAD to capture them on camera.

Funny, the silly notions we can have sometimes! ¬†When I first thought about starting these walks and deciding to take a specific route – initially mostly for the distance I hoped to walk, as well as the time it would take – the thought crossed my mind about how long it would be before I would get bored of seeing what I then thought would be the same old scenery every day. ¬†Little did I know…..just what kinds of surprises nature had in store for me! ¬†And she was a wonderful teacher…..as always.

The top two pictures are of a¬†farm machine – I believe it’s a combine? ¬†But I could be wrong, as I’m not that familiar with farm machinery. ¬†It was standing in the field, ready to go to work. ¬†I saw it on the first part of my walk, and when I was returning, someone had climbed into it and put it to good use in that field. ¬†You can see all dried up cornstalks on the neighbouring field, still standing tall….not having been turned under yet.

Then there was a field that had a late hay harvest – last one for this year – which must have fairly recently been baled and left to dry in the sun.

I took another picture of my favourite little cabin by some woods and down a winding trail….with that ever-present rain puddle halfway up. ¬†That puddle never seemed to disappear. ¬†And I can look back at photos taken from late spring onwards…..of how that cabin and its immediate surroundings slowly changed over the days and weeks.

And finally a fun-angled photo of the two roads at that intersection…..one of which leads up to my home.

I hope you enjoyed this short “walk” with me.