Have you seen this?

I just discovered this video via my son’s friend.

It’s a new kind of sport that I’ve never seen before.

As I was watching, I found the flow of the game to be fascinating and impressive; the incredibly intense skill level required by the athletes.

I kept thinking, “WOW!!!”



The agility and strength and flexibility – AMAZING!

This is definitely an entertaining sport to watch.

I don’t know the name of it, do you?


Taking cycling to new heights….literally.


This video clip is just a portion of the film, and it’s enough to give you a good idea on his adventure.  Setting goals……to see how far he can push himself.

I have seen parts of this before, and I am enthralled every time I watch it.

It’s fascinating, exciting, and so cool! Using bicycles in new and different ways….the incredible control needed to navigate narrow paths at dizzying heights as well as moving from say rock to rock with a well-placed bike “jump” or changing direction in a smooth 45 degree angle….not to mention the fence twirl!  Imagine the hours upon hours of training to achieve that finely tuned skill level.

Breath-taking views and a super physical challenge!



The Joy of Bathing….one happy bird!


I just found this clip via a friend on facebook, and it’s a fun video to watch – how can one watch a bird relishing its bath and NOT enjoy seeing that?

This is so sweet! I used to watch my canaries taking baths (with an attached bathing unit to their cage) many times and how they enjoyed it as much as this little one. My canaries were even quite tame, and yet I never thought to try having them bathe in my hands. If I had – oooohhh, what a thrill that would have been! 🙂

Driftin’ with the Blues

I have seen other bloggers sharing music videos on their pages, which I thought was rather cool, plus it adds a bit of variety……so this is my first one.

When I started learning to play drums about 6 1/2 years ago, and I was getting to explore the world of blues music – yep, my reasonably diverse musical knowledge was on the cusp of being expanded even more…haha! – a friend introduced me to The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, as he still is a big fan of their music.

I came across this clip today, one of several of theirs that I particularly enjoy, so I decided to share.

Hope you like it, too. 🙂