Unique additions to an underground garage

Having a long overdue trip to Germany – filled with visits with my cousins and uncles, as well as enjoying some sightseeing excursions.

This time the explorations have been in the northern part of the Black Forest area and a couple of places in Bavaria…..all of which I hadn’t seen before during previous family visits.

Now generally, the underground garages in Canada are fairly well laid out in that parking spots have designated numbers and letters, and then there are the entrances and exits with either ramps, stairs, and elevators.  Nothing that stands out.

Today I saw these two unique features of an underground garage located in the town of Füssen, Bavaria, namely…..


a)  A cordoned off area for people’s bicycles, which seems quite useful for certain situations.




……and then…..


b)  a designated “Frauenparkplatz” ie. a woman’s parking spot – there were close to 10 of them in this underground garage.




And I wondered…..

WHY would women need these designated areas??

I can already imagine the comments from the peanut gallery…..haha!







In Praise of the Tamarack



Green in the summer,

Its needles turn bright yellow,

Then drop completely.




Do you know the tamarack?

It’s a coniferous tree that grows abundantly in Canada.

Tamaracks are among my favourite trees!

Once the many deciduous trees have impressed us with their spectacular fall dresses and then shed them, these modest trees – known as deciduous conifers, also called Tamarack (from Algonquian) and larch, suddenly explode into vibrant yellow colour!

They are the only conifers in Canada whose needles change colour and also get dropped!  I have been enthralled with these trees ever since I first learned of their unique quality years ago, when one of our older neighbours, Ross, told me about them.

I love seeing these yellow lovelies along all the country roads I drive these days, when everything else begins to look more brown and grey and bare, before winter sets in.





Note:  The word tamarack is the Algonquian name for the species and means “wood used for snowshoes.”


Unique Mailboxes #2



Quiet country lane,

A honey of a mailbox!

Do they sell some, too?



On a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, as I was driving the back roads up to White Lake, I spotted this cute little, yellow mailbox.  As I took pictures of it, I wondered how many times I had driven by this spot and NOT noticed this eye-catching mailbox before!    Haha!  I have to confess – many times!


Then there’s this one that a friend mentioned to me last Sunday, so I went looking for it on my drive back home FROM White Lake.


This fish looks surprised!

Instead of worms, it gets mail;

Just biding its time….



It’s fun to see how creative people can be with their mailbox designs!

Mail delivery workers must get to see a great variety of inventive boxes, don’t you think?


If you missed my first post on Unique Mailboxes (posted June 16, 2016), please click here





Unique Mailboxes #1



Attention grabbing;

The keyboard patterned mailbox

And the matching sign.





Last Wednesday after work I had some errands to run, and I found myself driving along a different rural road on my way into town.

That’s when I spied the black and white piano keys painted mailbox.

Aha!  Someone used an imaginative approach to advertise their music teaching services. Or maybe that person just wanted to have an unusual looking mailbox?

Hooray to the creative Bredfeldt family!