Cat in Winter


What is this white stuff?

Soft, fluffy, cool….it leaves tracks

And sticks to my fur.


Hemingway was still a little kitten last winter so we kept her inside, although we could tell she was intrigued by the white blanket outside as she looked out the windows.

So….this is her “first” actual outdoor winter experience.

Once our area belatedly but finally got the usual amount of snowfalls for this time of year, we started letting her outside….including some fun “tosses” into the soft piles of snow.  Well, it seemed to leave her undecided; didn’t take a shine to it right away. Yesterday, though, when we opened the front door, she scooted on outside and went right INTO the snow blanket! Then she discovered the shovelled path – in the above photo – and totally thought THAT was cool.. 

I think she just needed the snow stuff to grow on her, because today….every time we open the door, she’s right there and wants to jump into the fluffy fun stuff…..that licks and tastes a lot like water….and is just everywhere!  Getting wet with water generally isn’t a big hit with her, but snow, on the other hand…..hmmm…..

Her nice shaggy coat is keeping her warm as well.