A Study of Ice at Night

Yesterday throughout the day we had a substantial amount of snowfall, which was then followed by freezing rain.  Now, in this area of Eastern Ontario, freezing rain can wreak havoc with the trees – the weight of the snow and ice causes some distress to them – as well as driving on the roads – oh so slippery! – and even power outages when the hydro lines become affected.

In spite of the stress it puts on nature and us, there is still beauty to be found in the diverse ice formations.

When I was taking the garbage bins out late last night to leave by the road, I couldn’t help but notice all the glittering in the trees that was going on, and decided to grab some shots.


With the house light, the mood was set….


An accumulation of frozen water globules and orbs on the railing….

And then these next two….


…..with the different reflected ice patterns from the branches with the light…..




This next one reminded me of fireworks, with the circular shapes and the rippling outwards effect….




There was a little shrub with its evergreen leaves embraced by the ice….as well as the back side of my car with its bit of encrusted ice layer…..



And finally a variety of icicles and suspended frozen water drops…..





It was a quiet night with a tiny bit of wind and still more raindrops falling.

Sun in Trees


The orange circle

Suspended in the forest;

It has me spellbound.



Once nature finally decided to give us our share of snow and wintry temperatures, we have once again been able to enjoy the beauty of the white blanket everywhere on the ground, the white garlands and dresses of the trees, and the crisp or muffled sound that snow makes when we step on it.

The always fresh and endlessly enticing magic of winter.





Snow Sparkles!


Morning light on snow,

White with black shadow patterns;

Twinkelings galore!


One morning about two weeks ago I went outside, to take out the recycling at the front of our lane way, and noticed how the snow was smiling and twinkling at me……everywhere I looked it was glistening on the smooth snowy surface.

Along with my favourite sound….the crisp and crunchiness of my steps on the hardened snow.

I was itching to get all the recycling out – fast!

You can imagine the fiddling I did with my camera settings so that I could capture those twinkles!  So much fun!  And it was worth it!

I hope it has you smiling.  🙂



First Snowshoe Walkabout this Winter

It was one of those beautiful, dreamy, mild winter days, where the outdoors simply calls to you.  We heeded the call, but since there had been a good, deep snowfall for the past two days – and the snow was still light and fluffy – we felt that snowshoes were the way to go.

My daughter had dropped in on her way through; she was headed back to her place.  But first, as we couldn’t resist such an opportunity, my husband, daughter, and I strapped on our snowshoes and headed into our woods behind the house.

I took a picture of my snowshoes – haha!  And then the mini snowfalls that are created whenever someone pulls down on a branch.  There was some “climbing” here and there……over tree stumps and up the hill back to the house.

And here are the three of us (Sonja, our daughter, on the far right) – feeling great after some fresh air, some fun exercise, walking through the woods, looking for animal tracks and not finding any…..haha!  And check out those rosy cheeks!


That First Snowfall

Even though I know to expect snow at some point in the late fall, I always wonder when that first surprise snowfall will occur.  Most often it shows up in early November, but on occasion it swooshes in sometime in October.

That’s what it did this year.  Three weeks ago.  On the Sunday of the weekend where I took part in a scouting and guiding event located in a picturesque place approximately one hour southwest from my home.  The Saturday had been sunny and warm, although that same night it turned quite cold.  When I went for my early-morning-and-still-dark quick trip to the outhouse (port-a-potty) and was climbing out of the tent – where my snuggly warm sleeping bag had reluctantly let me go – I could feel the layer of frost on the outside of the tent as well as on the ground.  And that frost stayed on the ground until well into the morning.  Until the sun came out and warmed things up enough for us to dry out our then empty and inverted tents to pack them all up for the trip back home.

And just as we were putting the last bits into our vehicles, the snow came.  And it came heavily.  Would it stay a while, I wondered?

500 503

In the last 20 minutes of our drive, all of a sudden the sky cleared up again, the sun came out, and there was no more snow to be seen anywhere!  Just ever so many lovely coloured leaves that had fallen down from the windy Saturday.  And those leaves danced merrily, as the van in front of us (pulling the trailer) created a whoosh of wind as it zoomed along…..


However, as we stopped in town to drop off the trailer, I noticed some snowy remnants on the outdoor displays of our local grocery store.  So, there was still some evidence left of that earlier snowfall.


Upon arriving back home soon after that, I walked around a bit.  To admire the beautiful orangey-red-yellow leaf carpet.  The last big load of leaves, that had still clung to the trees two days prior, had all since fallen to the ground.

528 530

So what about that snow?

What snow?  There was snow?

(We had only been an hour away.  What a difference!)

Hahaha!  Happily, that first snowfall never lasts for too long, nor does the snow get a chance to settle on the ground.