The Purposeful Turkey


I always enjoy animal encounters.

Sometimes they are just a fun rendez-vous; at other times, a gentle lesson for me to ponder.

This past Monday in the late afternoon, I was driving along a country road that I use fairly often.  Coming up to the intersection with another country road, I noticed a wild turkey purposefully walking from the left side shoulder (ie. oncoming lane) straight across the road, heading to my lane.

Nope. Not interested in that potential kind of turkey encounter.

I honked my horn….also purposefully.

Had to chuckle when I saw the turkey take immediate note of said sound. Turned right around to head back to safety of the other shoulder. Watched me as I passed by. And when I glanced back via my rearview mirror, the turkey once again and with confidence purposefully started crossing the road again.

There were no other cars.

Yep. One smart turkey.





The Fox – Smart and Beautiful


Nimble and graceful,

A hunter of diverse skills;

Tends to stay hidden.


Almost a month ago, on my afternoon walk, I came across the dead body of a fox off to one side of the country road.  It looked to have been hit by a passing vehicle.

As I gazed upon its still body and wondered what its life had been like….growing up and romping around through its home terrain, and hunting for its prey…..I thought back to a week-long trip I had taken with my youngest son in 2011, almost the same time again in end of August, to Prince Edward Island – a lovely island province in Canada about a full day’s drive east from where I live.

My son and I had rented a small cottage for a week and had taken daily trips to various places on the island for exploring….some beaches and other sights.  One day as we headed for the Rustico Beach area, as I was driving along the road, I noticed up ahead a couple of other vehicles that had stopped and I wondered what had grabbed the drivers’ attention.  We soon found out….


A calico-looking fox!  Leisurely crossing the road….and then….


….we could see two more.  I had stopped the car to watch, just as the others had.  With no car engine noise and our windows down, we just enjoyed watching the foxes.  Certainly not like the always hiding foxes that live around our area….no, these foxes seemed quite familiar with cars going through their territory and feeling comfortable enough to check the people out as well.


This one came up fairly close, and we checked each other out….calmly and quietly.


Then he moved a bit further and decided to hang out some more…..

108 113

Do those dog-like things like relaxing on the ground…..scratching some itchy spots….


And having another look in our direction.

That was SO COOL!  I had never seen foxes in the wild so close-up before!  It felt incredibly thrilling to have had such an encounter.

Such a smart and beautiful animal with its handsome face and orange, black, and white fur markings.