Six Word Story #15



Imagine driving this dazzling shimmery car!


What would it be like?

The car itself would be fun to drive.  And the colourful effect is occurring under flourescent lighting.  Would it be the same outside in the sun?  And what about on overcast, cloudy days?  Would it just look like a plain silvery car?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to those questions, so my imagination will always be wondering…..

Photo Study #1 – Icicles


Ice water crystals,

Molded to the dormant forms

Of twigs, buds, and stems.


Last year in January I went outside a couple of times with my camera to capture icicles – shimmering and reflecting in the winter sunshine…..also including one overcast day.  And yet, somehow I didn’t get to posting any of those on my blog.

I carried that little twinge of regret around for a while.

So, today another opportunity presented itself – albeit briefly – to run outside with camera again to get some shots of icicles.  As the temperature had warmed up some, the ice in places was melting quickly.  Even though I know there’ll be more snow coming our way here, as I walked along the walkway in the front yard, I didn’t want to pass on today’s crystalline gems.


The top photo and this second one show ice crystals on the common lilac just outside the front door.


The next ones are from various shrubs in the front yard garden….


The above icicle is wedged snuggly in a V-shape of small branches.







Above – fascinating to see the thicker opaque icicles alongside the thinner and more translucent ones.



This triple drop icicle – seen above – caught my eye.  I kept thinking….from which one will the next water droplet fall?  Except these were solid ice, so it just looked as if….


This one – below – I kept for last, as it looks the most like a work of art; nature’s own ice sculpture.



Everything weather-wise can change so fast!

In the relatively short span of time….some 10-15 minutes?……of my going outside – with the sun shining at first….then the clouds blocking the sun….and then things getting darker….and then LOTS of snow……I was impressed at how fast the weather changed.


My Shimmery Rose



Sparkling bright silver,

Folds, whorls….it looks familiar.

The shape of a rose




A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend gave me a lovely little present…..self-made. I thought it was so sweet, and this gesture touched my heart. At that time I promptly put it in a safe place, to keep it protected, but then when I was heading for home, I completely forgot to take it with me!
Thinking that most likely it would get tossed out by someone else – coming across it by chance – who wouldn’t know what it was, initially, I fretted some.
When I returned there today, I immediately went to the hiding place to see if the gift was still there.

My friend had noticed that I had forgotten it and made sure that it stayed safe until I came by again. 

It’s a folded and rolled up Foil Rose.

Yep….I was given a flower.





Shimmery Green

IMG_1650 (2)


Crawling on the ground,

Luminescent green beetle;

Take a closer look!



Here’s an unusual looking beetle bug – such a luminescent green colour!

I thought such colourful bugs always seem to live in more tropical climates…..rather than here in southeastern Ontario, Canada.
Found this bug crawling along one of the flower beds that I was working on – hoeing, weeding, and then sowing Lavatera seeds.

I was so enthralled with this cool little, shimmery bug and I wanted to get some photos of it – perhaps to also get some identification assistance?? – With the use of an empty white bucket (having removed the accumulated weeds from inside), I was able to get some photos without it running away on me.

A friend later on told me the name of this bug – Six Spotted Tiger Beetle – and said it was a gorgeous specimen.  He also added that this bug has a “Global Range: It occurs across the entire eastern half of the United States with the exception of the deep south and Florida panhandle and extends into southeastern Canada. It is naturally occurring = not imported.”