Treasured Town

Although I live in the countryside and on a rural route, I am considered to still belong to  the town of Almonte.  My mailing address says so, too.  Haha!

About three weeks ago, my son, Conrad, and I drove into town for an errand and were witness to a literal sign in the sky that clearly showed us what a treasure of a town we have!

See!  There!…..there’s the one end of the rainbow…..definitely pointing to our town!


This is one of the county roads leading into town – that’s about 2 km west of one of the intersections.

In this next one, we have reached the intersection….are driving through it.  The rainbow is still alighting upon the town, the way it looks…..don’t you think?


And you can faintly see the double rainbow putting in an appearance to the left of the main one.  Is that twice the pot of gold, then?  Haha!

Finally, in more of the central part of town, the rainbow arch is quite visible.


Must have been a lucky day  for all the townspeople!






Rainbow and Cloud Watching


Last Tuesday there’d been a large grey cloud in the sky, followed by a good amount of rainfall.  Then the sun came out again, which always encourages the appearance of a rainbow!

First I saw the left arc of the rainbow and, then further along, I saw the right arc of the same rainbow…



The rainbow lasted for a good length of time and looked colourfully vivid.



Then I realized that I had forgotten something and had to turn back.  Good thing, too, as then I noticed the striking cloud formations on the left – so much detail! – I can see trees and animals all in that one cluster.  And if I look again, the image transforms into something else.  The dramatic effect of the sunlight and the different shades of dark and light blue….




I always love the perspective of seeing the size of cars and trucks, and actual trees, along the road in contrast to the vastness of the sky.

In this next photo, the clouds look so big!  As if they could crush those “little” trees and that hydro tower.

What swooping, flying creatures are these?  With fluffy lightness on top and for their snouts?




P.S.  Quite some time ago, as AJ and I talked about the clouds he posted and how we were both keen cloud watchers, at his request I promised him some cloud photos from around my home.

I am sorry for such a delay in having some photos to show you, AJ7alok .



Rainbow Daisies on my Birthday!


A floral rainbow!

Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple,

And yellow Daisies.



Have you ever seen a rainbow of daisies?

Nah….me neither!

Hahahaha! What a gorgeous bouquet of fresh ‘n sweet smelling daisies…..
….and aptly coloured for my erstwhile Beaver Leader (Scouting) nickname, which continues to stick with me – hahahaha! RAINBOW!! Love it!

This is the bountiful bouquet of flowers I was presented with at work yesterday in honour of my birthday… my wonderful, kind, and fun co-workers!!!!