Surprise Visitors!




Moving quietly,

Two deer foraging keenly;

Such gentle creatures.




When I was at a friend’s house last Monday, at one point in the early afternoon, I happened to glance out the window and was treated to the sight of these two lovely, young deer, as they looked about and helped themselves to fresh greens to nibble on.

The presence of my friend’s cat on the outside porch – glancing with curiosity in their direction – didn’t seem to faze them much, other than they took note that the cat was there.

Harmony prevailed.

The deer grazed.

The cat lazed.





A Flock of Foraging Visitors



Quietly moving,

Slowly, searching for some food;

Turkeys in the woods.




Yesterday early in the morning, I happened to glance out the bathroom window toward our backyard and spied some new visitors to our snow-blanketed, wooded area.

I counted at least nine of these wild turkeys and stood for quite some time, watching them as they unhurriedly went about their foraging business.

So thrilled to see them!

I have spotted them in other areas, woods, and fields…even crossing a country road. So….seeing them in our backyard was a treat!



I wonder if they could hear my camera clicking sound from the open bedroom window??

They certainly seemed completely unperturbed.




Ever watchful, too.




Sunset over Pickerel Bay


On a summer’s night

The lake….so calm and serene;

Soft fading colours.



A couple of evenings ago, when I finished my work up at Pickerel Bay – one of several bays and coves along White Lake in Eastern Ontario – I realized that the sun had set and I wanted one last gaze over the lake before I drove home.

I was rewarded with this lovely “good night” view.



Winding Road



Curving left and right

The road beckons; trees lean in

To guide the way there.



The allure of the forested winding roads; I can’t resist!

Even though on this early spring day I was driving to a friend’s house for a visit, as I drive I lose myself in the hypnotic rhythm of trees passing by on both sides of me.

Sometimes the road seems wider and more open and the trees smaller.  And then at other stretches and curves, the trees look taller and closer and reach across the sky to meet “hands” with those on the other side.

I relish the quiet embrace of these ever watchful tree sentinels.



When Eyes Meet

IMG_6802 (3)

Up ahead first one deer crossed the road and jumped into the woods.

The roads were slick, so I had been driving quite slowly; I slowed down some more.

Another soon followed, except it didn’t continue as the other one but trotted up along the right shoulder.

Then it darted on down that junction road.

I thought that was it.

I looked left to see if there was movement; if there were any others.

And there it stood.  On the left side.

The third one.  Totally still.  Totally calm.

Taking in the scene……watching.

I stopped my car…..just idling.

Rolled down my window and gazed on that silent sentinel.

I watched its ears turn away….to the side and to back and then back to front.

Keeping tabs on me.  I was totally quiet and still.

Just taking quick pictures.

Who knows how long this will last?

Its eyes glanced left briefly, and then it put its full gaze on me.

What are we thinking as our eyes lock?

I am admiring this beautiful animal.  I feel excited…..beyond thrilled!

What about you, deer?


A Study of Ice at Night

Yesterday throughout the day we had a substantial amount of snowfall, which was then followed by freezing rain.  Now, in this area of Eastern Ontario, freezing rain can wreak havoc with the trees – the weight of the snow and ice causes some distress to them – as well as driving on the roads – oh so slippery! – and even power outages when the hydro lines become affected.

In spite of the stress it puts on nature and us, there is still beauty to be found in the diverse ice formations.

When I was taking the garbage bins out late last night to leave by the road, I couldn’t help but notice all the glittering in the trees that was going on, and decided to grab some shots.


With the house light, the mood was set….


An accumulation of frozen water globules and orbs on the railing….

And then these next two….


…..with the different reflected ice patterns from the branches with the light…..




This next one reminded me of fireworks, with the circular shapes and the rippling outwards effect….




There was a little shrub with its evergreen leaves embraced by the ice….as well as the back side of my car with its bit of encrusted ice layer…..



And finally a variety of icicles and suspended frozen water drops…..





It was a quiet night with a tiny bit of wind and still more raindrops falling.

Candle Burning


**  for Katie  **


Candle Burning

Steady yellow flame

Fearlessly strong



Glowing wick tip


Candle Burning

Stuttering yellow flame

Zzzip! To the side

Straight again

Casting light outwards

Glowing wick tip


Candle Burning

Bending yellow flame

Bending low

Back up again

Down again and back up

Glowing wick tip


Candle Burning

Sputtering yellow flame

Wild dance

Getting smaller

Hold your breath

Glowing wick tip


Candle Burning

Growing yellow flame

Slowly, So slowly

Almost strong as before

Spreading warmth around

Glowing wick tip


Candle Burning

Stretching yellow flame



Cold, quiet, dark

Unused wick tip


Note:  This is a poem that seemed to WANT to be written.  It swirled around in my head for a few days, and then I sat down to write it in November 2011.  In memory of a beautiful, young soul who didn’t realize how much she was loved and appreciated by so many in her community.  I fondly remember her cheerfulness, willingness to help, and her ready smile and our fun talks.


Note2: Even though I wrote this in November 2011, it felt right to now “put it to print” with a photo I took earlier this evening as a way of sending some light to Katie again.  I took several photos of the candle in two separate rooms, and it was when I saw how this one turned out….and jumped out with its silence, steadiness, warmth and glow….that I said, “That’s the one.”