Grey with that Colour Splash!



I love my grey hair,

But with some pink and purple,

There is added fun!



A little over four years ago – with some inspiration from a friend and her referral to her hairdresser – I embarked on a new trend for myself.  My hair by then had been turning grey, and I had kept it like that for a while.  I didn’t really want to cover it up.

However, at one point I needed a change for myself, along with other changes I was making, and so I took that step for the first added strands of colour.  My new hairdresser understood what I was hoping for, and so we took it slowly, in case I might change my mind.  She only added a few strands of purple; she interwove it so nicely in among the grey hairs.

Well, I loved the effect!  And I got compliments continuously from people I knew and also from strangers.  Haha!

The hair has evolved over time – the cut used to be a bob and lately we’ve been going with the pixie cut style.  After the initial trials with bits of purple, we went with MORE purple….and then added in fuchsia and even some blue. Blue doesn’t last as long, although it is also quite pretty.  The grey hair takes the colour really well.

I only need to go every three months for refreshing the colour and cutting the hair, which isn’t as often as if I were to totally dye my hair to cover the grey.  And there are no harsh chemicals in this process.  Plus, this way I still get to enjoy the grey – and some white that peeks through!

Two weeks ago was my most recent visit to my hairdresser, and we went for the most colour ever!  I took some photos, and you can see all the wonderful fuchsia and purple, along with the grey everywhere else.

I STILL get such warm-hearted and sincere compliments!  It’s wonderful.  From women AND men!  Strangers will yell across a parking lot to tell me how much they love my hair.  Others will say so as they pass me by.  My co-workers cheer me on.  And my other friends and family also add their kind words every so often.

And really, I just enjoy having fun with it!  It adds some zest!   And it feels great!

Oh yeah, and I have inspired a few other ladies to try something similar – why not?

Kinda cool to be called the Purple-haired Lady!




An Artistic Centrepiece

IMG_4306 (2)


Soft, white cushion base;

Random bursts of purple “stars,”

Elegance in glass.



Sometimes after wedding reception parties are done, the bride or the bride’s mother will ask to have the floral centrepieces given to them, or else they are given to guests to take home. And sometimes there are a handful of centrepieces that are simply left behind.

On such occasions, we are given the opportunity to take home a centrepiece to extend the enjoyment of these beautifully arranged pieces.

See the pretty one that was given to me from yesterday’s wedding?

Wonderful white hydrangea blooms with those lovely blue/purple flowers popped in here and there.  And I just found out that these lovely purple flowers are orchids!

I admire the simplicity and elegance in this design – kudos to the florist who made them!

The glass vase I will eventually return to my workplace; however, in the meantime I have something lovely to look at for a few days.


IMG_4334 (3)

A Rose by another Colour


What’s this?   Some roses

Clustered; and smelling lovely,

White, yes….and purple!


It is still so early in the new year, and already there are weddings and receptions happening!  The first one for my co-workers and I occurred this past Saturday.  It was a fun and memorable event.  On the smaller size in terms of guests…..with a first-time hot chocolate display table (in addition to our usual coffee/tea/water displays), as well as a live band providing both ambient background music during the meal service and later on the livelier dancing music.  Most of the time DJs are hired to provide the wedding and dance music, so this was a pleasant change.

When all the guests had left, a few things were left behind….intentionally, as only so much could be taken away again…..and in this case there were a few vases filled with beautiful arrangements of greenery and roses of only two colours – white……and surprise, surprise…..purple!   That’s the first time I’ve seen purple roses.  And so, I couldn’t resist taking a whiff, as sometimes pretty-coloured roses don’t always come with a scent.  But these purple – and white – ones definitely delivered a delightful rosey smell.





Milkweed, Asters, and Bees

On my walk today I had a chance to look at unusual shapes and textures, as seen on these milkweed plants.  I love the design of the seed-filled milkweed pods – with their prickly-looking outer shells – in their elongated, elliptical form. And then when I see the milkweed plants without pods (as in the third photo), I wonder why its flowers did not get pollinated.  But then I am glad that a few monarchs did make it this far north to collect some of the milkweed nectar earlier in the summer, and thus help some of the plants to create new seeds.

020 020 (2) 033

In among the wildflowers of the roadsides, it’s a joy to discover the purple asters blooming in large clusters, providing colour in the waning summer landscape.

044 (2)044 (3)

So many of these aster blooms are past their yellow-centred phase, and yet…..

There are still those hardy, determined bumble bees who continue to look for those still producing flowers to collect their supply of pollen for their hives in preparation for the approaching winter time.

048 (2)049 (2)

It’s fun to watch them as they go about their important business, totally focused and not even perturbed that I am standing nearby.

Wildflower Jazz

Two days ago on my walk, it seemed as if the wildflowers along the roadside were calling to me more insistently than ever before, and I found myself taking pictures…..and listening.

It felt to me like each flower called to me with its distinct vibes….and so it felt like I was offered up music.  And nature has a way of charming the listener with her diversity.  So, I present to you poetry of the wildflower jazz with its endless variance and free form.




Bountiful milkweed

Tight buds….bigger ones….opened

All there on one plant




Tiny yellow mouths

Open and close – no fire,

Gentle to the touch




Bright, cheerful faces,

Always travelling in groups.

Mini sunshine smiles!


Mystery Flower


Found low to the ground

Tiny purple clusters bloom,

Delicately soft.


Seemingly Familiar


Cute little bonnets

Just hanging around in groups,

Wait!  Those are daisies!




Did you like the show?

Melodies, notes, and singing.

Hello from the Sky.