A Photo from 4 Years Ago…

Photo of me on drums by Mark Welsford; June 1, 2011

Cross-sticking on snare,

Add in bass, hi-hats, crash, ride;

Drumming feels so good!


I was doing my usual work on facebook yesterday, my longest-running social media activity.

And up popped the prompt of looking at “On This Day” posts.  I only just started using this feature a couple of months ago, and it’s become one of my favourites.  It allows older posts that have since turned into archives to get another viewing, plus they offer a way of digging into and sharing memories with one’s friends.

So among several funny posts, up popped this black and white photo (my profile picture at that time), taken by Mark Welsford of Fairchild Photography during a Rock Show performance with the Main Street School of Music in the town of Arnprior, where I had been taking drum lessons.  I was the drummer in a garage band called “Drama in the Collective.”  It was my first such experience playing in a band.  A great learning experience!  In terms of drumming skills and also in learning the dynamics of playing in a band.  I had only just started taking drum lessons less than two years before this show.

My kids were all old enough that I could do something for myself again, and since music has been an integral part for most of my life (in some form or other), that’s where I jumped in again – at age 48 – around 7 years ago…..and with the dream of exploring and learning all I could about music and musicians and practicing and performing.  Taking in all kinds of opportunities to widen my learning horizon.  And above all to have fun doing it!  To savour!  To work with dedication!  To love it!

I am still doing it.  Playing in other bands, playing at jams, performing, supporting and encouraging others, meeting musicians and making friends, and always learning and improving.

Here is my current profile picture on facebook; it’s also in black and white and taken by the same photographer, but from a Rock Show this summer.

Me on drums, Rock Show, June 18, 2015