My goodness!  It’s been a few weeks since I posted last.

It’s been an incredibly busy time with various other activities claiming my attention.  But I’ve missed blogging.  So, I return with the most recent photography assignment with the topic of “Signs.”  Two of them you may recognize from previous fairly recent blogging posts.

Oh well.  Some are worth repeating, right?

These are my four submissions:

Signs #1 – (taken a month ago)

I thought I’d start my submissions with this piece…..er, tree with peace.






Signs #2 – (taken in March 2017)

Someone was being creative and having a sense of fun!

If you like, you can see my original blog post with it here to read more about where I discovered this sign.






Signs #3 – (taken in April 2017)

As some of you may know, Canada celebrated its 150th birthday recently – 11 days ago – and there were things that popped up here and there even months before the big day…..to get people into that birthday spirit.

I’m sure some of you will recognize the wrapper for a familiar chocolate treat. When I saw this on the convenience store shelf, I couldn’t resist! Haha!

Yep…..I gobbled it up. Right after I took the picture. 🙂







And to finish off, here is another one with a touch of humour….to give you a chuckle.

It seems this one is always a bit of a favourite!

Signs #4 – (taken Nov. 2014)

This facetious sign is posted above the washrooms area at The Cove Country Inn in Westport, Ontario, Canada. I was there one evening to go see some friends of mine giving a smaller and intimate concert there. Lovely time!

And, as well, if you would like to read the original blog post which featured this photo, you can find it here .


Men to the left because Women.....my photo Nov. 8, 2014



“Moving Water”

Yay!  An opportunity to participate in this week’s photography assignment with the topic being “Moving Water.”

The following were my four submissions:

Moving Water #1 – (taken over a week ago) Fascinating circular sprinkler action in the garden of a swanky hotel in the Black Forest that my uncle showed me at my recent visit to Germany.


IMG_6366 (2)




Moving Water #2 – (Archived from May 2016, Copenhagen). I love fountains! Be they whimsical, artistic, or large and commanding. I picked this one out of my fountain collection, because of the solitary frog spurting out an endless supply of water…..and cleverly missing the tiny human tucked just under the water’s arch….. 😉






Moving Water #3 – (Taken over two weeks ago)….in the midst of take-off sitting in a propellored airplane – Bombardier Q400 – and I sat enthralled, watching the wheel outside my window spinning along, through the puddles that had accumulated from all the rainfall that day.






Moving Water #4 – (Taken just over a week ago)…..on a hike along the shores of the Weitach River on the outskirts of Augsburg, Germany. My friend, Toni, pointed out the family of ducks he’s been keeping track of on his daily walks here. And I immediately began taking oodles of photos of this Eurasian Coot family. Here, the Papa is gliding along towards one of the two ducklings who was curious enough to move out of the nest and Mama’s warm, feathery embrace to join in for some swimming and feeding.




NOTE:  Some of you may recognize this last photo from the blog article I posted a couple of days ago, entitled “Eurasian Coot.”

Time Lapse of the Northern Lights

National Geographic Photographers have captured this beautiful phenomenon and set it in time lapse mode…..as seen in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.


To me the Northern Lights are Earth’s original light show…and I am always entranced and fascinated by the dancing celestial colours.

I have been lucky a couple of times over the years to get to see more modest displays of dancing celestial colours here in Ontario, Canada.  Usually, the colours were green or white; once it was a fainter red colour.  In every case, it was quite late at night – into the next morning – and always lovely to watch.




About Being….And Love

Somehow it didn’t work out QUITE exactly consecutive….but close enough.  You know how it is.  Other things in life insist on wanting attention outside of writing.

This is the third day in my 3-day Quote Challenge from my blogging friend, A .

I had one more quote, but then I came across another one, and both are on topics very dear to my heart, so as it stated in the rules for this challenge, I CAN post from 1-3 posts for THAT particular day.

So, that’s what I decided to do.

Here’s the first one:

As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.” 
– Buddha

On the importance of being mindfully present in your present moment in time, because there is always something to experience and appreciate that’s unique and won’t repeat itself again.

I include two photos about “being.”


I noticed this blue cornflower in passing, when I was on one of my walks along my favourite country road near my home.  It’s actually quite a small flower – smaller than the usual daisy – but its lovely shade of blue is  what caught my eye.  So, I stopped walking and spent some time looking closely at this tiny wildflower.




For the past two years we have been so lucky to have a deer family – a mother with her twin fawns – come to our backyard woods and spend some time there.  Both last year and this year, I happened to glance out of our bathroom window early on a summer morning and be fortunate to see the whole family foraging and frolicking in our backyard.  For me they are such a delight to watch, and both times I stopped whatever I was planning to do…..and just watched them and enjoyed seeing them being themselves.


For my second quote, I picked:

Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay.”  – Dalai Lama

(it was quoted on the Facebook page of Beautiful Minds)


So, why the pancake?

Haha! Well, because, this happened in March of this year, when I was making pancakes for the kids, and when I flipped one of them over, the pattern in it looked like a butterfly.  And I showed it to them.  And butterflies are free to fly.

And another reason is that I have tried to fulfill that quote from the Dalai, especially with my kids, even before I saw that quote.  My wish was always to create a loving relationship with them in which all those aspects were contained.

That completes the challenge.

And I nominate Vonita .



Focus on Architecture

The way my summer has been unfolding, I haven’t had much time to work on writing and blogging; also less on photography.  And I’ve been missing my set aside time for doing those things, as I do enjoy that kind of work.

So, when this week’s photography assignment was announced, I finally had some time and quickly pounced on the opportunity to put together another set of four.  The theme is architecture, so these are the ones I picked for it:


Architecture #1

Two curvy buildings,

Artistic geometry;

This is a hotel?


Archived from my mini Europe trip this past May, 2016 – we stayed in this ultra cool-looking place in Copenhagen….the AC Bella Sky Hotel. I picked this photo for its unusual building structure design – I love things with bends and curves, haha! – as well as the triangularly designed hotel bedroom windows. Together it all creates such a geometric and artistic effect. There are also two enclosed walkways connecting both buildings of this hotel; one at the top and one closer to the ground. This place was fascinating to look at inside and out!




Architecture #2

Skyscraper windows

Reflecting like a mirror;

Looks like a painting!


Taken exactly one week ago; last Wednesday – when I was visiting my parents in Toronto and playing tourist in the downtown area. I have always loved the architecture there…..so much variety in design and effects with glass windows and other outward shapes. This skyscraper, filled with offices, I’m guessing, is flanked by two high towers – condo apartments, I’m thinking. What drew my eyes to the building in the middle is how the glass windows look so seamless….there is no break to show where they start and end. It’s so much like one huge mirror! It even looks like a painting. And lo, see how the clouds and sky are wonderfully reflected in those windows!




Architecture #3

Colourful at night!

Toronto’s CN Tower;

Purple, pink, and white.


Also taken last Wednesday in Toronto; in the evening, as my mom and I were at the GO train station, to head back to Scarborough area. This was my first time to see what the CN Tower looks like lit up at night – I was enthralled! I am quite familiar with its daytime look, so this night-time view was super special. In contrast to the tower’s darker lighting hues, you see the bright lights from both platforms at Union Station in the foreground.




Architecture #4

Big islands of rock,

Of Mother Nature’s design;

Born of volcanoes.


For my fourth submission, I am bowing to the original architect….Mother Earth. With her beautiful and majestic mountains and canyons, species of tall trees, ice caves, her creatures who construct amazing homes and catch-ems (ie. intricate spider webs), her endless architectural wonders.

This photo was taken in Iceland during that same mini trip to Europe in May 2016 – it’s a view across the sea from the island of Heimaey located in the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago. As with Iceland, all of her surrounding islands have been created through volcanic eruptions. Outside of one island in this grouping of islands off of Heimaey, all the others are left untouched and pristine…..no human trespassing…..the flora and fauna occurring as nature intends.
They are impressive islands to look at from afar and of a massive size, when up close. No two are alike.
The architecture of our Mother Earth never ceases to amaze me.


Photography Assignment – Trees

In this week’s photography assignment, the theme focused on trees, which happens to be one of my favourite subjects.  I love trees! So much variety and beauty in design and patterns.

So I dug around in my archives to pick four for my submissions.  In addition to sharing these photos with you, and in keeping with my usual style on this blog page, I have decided to add in new haiku poems to accompany each one.  I hope you like them.

Here they are:


Dead Tree Trunk from Oct. 2012


Resting in silence;

No longer alive, and yet

Supporting new life.


Trees #1 – (from the archives)  I took it in October 2012, when I was on a hike in a nearby conservation area. I loved the peacefulness of this scene. The tree having transitioned to the next phase of its life in that it provides nutrients and shelter for the life occurring then.
There were all sorts of things that caught my eye. I really liked how this tree stump was positioned…in three parts – stump and long log and end log – in a cushiony bed of colourful leaves….and a cloud of “yellow” leaves up above.
The yellows and oranges having a good contrast with the dark grey of the dead tree and the thin saplings.




Shelf bracken on tree from April 2015


Jutting out in groups,

As stepping stones up the tree

For small animals?


Trees #2 – (from the archives) For this one I decided to focus on a close-up of a tree, to see its bark texture and other fascinating details. Taken last April of a poplar tree in our back woods – I love how the bark curls with that paper-thin look, the splotches of green moss, and I was especially fascinated with the abundant collection of shelf bracken attached to this tree.




New Zealand Christmas Tree from 2010


That familiar shape,

But the needles face upwards?

Gentle, big brushes.


Trees #3 – (from the archives, my trip in 2010) – the uniquely shaped “Christmas” tree as found in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. I took several photos in different places, because this tree continuously fascinates me. I picked this one to share, as with the light sky as background, you can see more clearly the frond design of the leaves – or “needles” –  and how they grow upwards.




The Lost Tree - March 28, 2016


Trees #4 (taken in March 2016)

Some of you may remember this one….

I featured it in a previous blog post….with the title “The Lost Tree.”

(complete with haiku and background story)









Close Up Puzzlers!

Time for a bit of different fun!

For my Facebook photography group, last week’s themed assignment was “Close ups,” and a great number of imaginative photos were submitted by various group members.

The following four are the ones I submitted. And as I did there, I am asking you to guess what they are……  🙂

And feel free to add your ideas and comments below for the fun chatting that can ensue!



What do you think?



Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoyed the “puzzles!”


Sunset over the quiet field


Good-bye says the sun,

As she slides behind the trees.

Trailing wispy clouds.


There are those classic, much-loved sunset shots over a stretch of water, be it ocean or lake.  I love them, too, But I find those other ones….behind trees, mountains, over an icy open field, for example, the oh-so-many other variations…..to draw me in every time.  They are all so mesmerizing.  The colour show is never the same.  But it always touches my heart and soul.

The Mirror “Selfie”

Canon Selfie with Mirror - Sept. 2, 2013

As people get used to seeing me…..often……haha!
Especially my kids! They have been photographed, I don’t know how many gazillion times! I loved capturing the fun moments, the explorations, the surprises, the creativity in their play (with LEGO, etc.). Lots of great memories! And well, yes, I take lots of other people and things……musician friends, sights, the beauty in nature, and more…

I posted this on facebook in Sept. 2013, and a friend tonight managed to search it out, as we were comparing mirror selfies.  Haha!  He had taken one of himself, and when I mentioned that I had also done that some time ago, he went looking and found it.  The one he took of himself turned out good; however, we noticed that both of us did manage to snip a bit off of the top of our heads.  And that’s trickier to compensate for, when your eye isn’t looking through the viewfinder.

Mirror selfies are fun, too, as you can see backwards writing of words, as in this case……CANON.  Or should I say, NONAC…..haha!

Depth of Field Photography Assignment

086 112 149 140

For a few months now I have been a member of a photography group on facebook.  A friend told me about it and how this group has weekly assignments with a theme, suggested by the admins, and support and encourage submissions by their group members.  The largest part of the fun is seeing the diversity in creative ideas and submissions related to each theme.  So yes, naturally, I joined!

There’s no pressure to have to submit every week, particularly when some weeks can get busier in our lives.  There’s always the next week to look forward to and work on new submissions.

This week’s assignment was themed “Depth of Field,” with the added requirement that the objects in focus would also relate and be connected to the other objects (softly unfocused further away).  So last night just before I went to bed, I thought of ideas for possible photos I could take.  And then during the day, when I was able to set aside some time, I spent it in capturing those particular shots.

The four above are all the ones I submitted to the group and I’ve been enjoying reading some of the comments so far.  The deadlines are always Tuesday evenings, as on Wednesday morning the next theme gets posted on the page.  Some other group members had already been posting some of their photos, so I tried to pick things that wouldn’t duplicate those already posted.

  1.  When I was driving along country roads in the morning, the bright grey of the log fencing caught my eye, and later on I returned to that spot in order to spend some time taking photos from different angles.
  2. I have taken all kinds of fun photos of my little blue KIA car, and since she just recently reached 300,000 kms, I thought she’d like to be included in this week’s assignment.  Again….going for a different angle.
  3. I was inspired to include my drumkit in this assignment….somehow….and when I saw the cowbell, I just went from there.
  4. The chess game idea had also come to my mind…..visualizing even the solitary-looking black Queen against the “horde” of white pieces in the distance.  So, I assembled it on our dining table and with the aid of natural light coming in through the window, I tweaked here and there until I had what I wanted.