Six Word Story #21

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A Castle Located in the City!




Last week on our way to the National Art Gallery, we passed by the Château Laurier, which is a beautiful hotel situated in the downtown area of our capital city, Ottawa.

It always catches my eye!

In these days of more modern designs in buildings and skyscrapers, some of the historical buildings still manage to hold their own as they stand apart from the others.  Even after so many years, they shine with their beauty, elegance, and charm.

And especially something that looks so much like a castle!  Canada is a relatively young country, compared to so many other countries that have long and rich histories which include all kinds of castles dating back to medieval times and earlier.   Our castle-styled buildings are few and unique.

For more information on the history of the Château, check here.





Six Word Story #9



Canada’s Birthday in Ice and Lights




What a vibrant glow from those red and white lights as they shine through the carved ice!

The colours of our flag.

Celebrations have already started, and there will be all kinds of activities and events taking place in communities  all across the country, leading up to July 1st of this year.

This ice sculpture is among several artistic and creative frozen carvings temporarily located in Confederation Park in Ottawa, Ontario, during the Winterlude Festival.

And here is how it looks in the day time – I took that one a few days earlier.




Note:  I took the day-time one first as I was passing by…..when I went exploring the area,  right along with all kinds of tourists and visitors.

I didn’t realize that the colours would be intensified in the evening darkness, which I noticed yesterday evening on my way to go see a play at the National Arts Centre (located a bit further north of Confederation Park).



Do Giants Play Piano?



If a giant wanted to play piano,

He’d want it at a comfortable height.

And a building would make a suitable stand

To hold his piano in place.




Then the giant would stand behind his piano,

And his massive hands would travel back and forth

Purposefully, across the black and white keys.

He would bob his curly-haired head in time

And sing along… deep-sounding.

He wouldn’t need a microphone,

Because his voice would carry well over everything.

His rhythmic toe-tapping might cause

Some things at the street level to get shaken up.





And when he isn’t playing,

His piano would just glow in the night sky.




Tonight when I was coming out of the National Arts Centre after watching a play, I happened to glance up and notice the lit-up “piano” at the top of one of the buildings in the downtown area of Ottawa.

And then my imagination started thinking of that musical giant who would play on it.

Would he play jazz?  Blues?  Ragtime?  Classical?  Or punk!



The Marble Inside



My first time at Ottawa ComicCon today – or the Con, as it’s known to those who participate more regularly at these events – and with my young friend, Katey, as my guide, I decided to try out a new drink today. I guessed pretty much that it was orange soda; HOWEVER, what made this Japanese version so unique was Katey’s enthusiastic description of how to drink it!
So, naturally, I had to try it.



You open the cap. You dislodge the little plastic “tubey” bit from the lid. You discard the lid. Then you place the tubey bit – which sorta looks like a tubetti pasta shape – onto the top of the glass bottle. Yes, glass! How nice! Not plastic. Then with the palm of your hand, you put equal pressure to bear down onto the top of the bottle until you hear the little glass marble give way from its snug spot at the top…..which then allows the orange soda to flow freely when you tip the bottle to your lips to drink.
AND… more thing, the little glass marble, with gravity as its friend, will drop down at every swig, thereby only allowing a good glug’s worth of liquid to come out.
Isn’t that just the niftiest and handiest little invention????

I love it! So fun!
I tend NOT to drink soft drinks, BUT for something this unique, I will make an exception. It tasted rather good, too.

In the photos, you can see the front (above) and back (below) of the bottle. The front shows the Japanese writing, and you can see the marble still inside; it’s just a bit more visible in the photo viewing the back of the bottle.