With dabs of red it starts…



Mostly green, and yet…

Tinges of red here and there;

The magic unfolds.




These days as I drive along the country roads, I see more and more green trees looking as if painted with yellow, orange, or red dabs at the edges.

It’ll be fun to watch over the next couple of weeks how the trees slowly change from green to more yellow, orange, or red until there is no more green to be seen.

Then, outside of the evergreens, all the other trees are consumed by colour, and such a vibrant display it becomes.

It’s a magic trick that nature plays on us!

A Friendly Encounter

IMG_4252 (2)


Ticklish on my hand,

Orange, black, and beige design;

Set it free outside.



Such an eye-catching pattern!

I was in the midst of cleaning a cottage on Sunday morning, when I noticed this pretty little one by the door, but on the inside.

I was able to pick it up gently and I hoped it would stay calm, until I could get the door open and let it fly free again.  It was most cooperative….even letting me take some pictures of it.  Its gentle little feet tickled my skin, as it moved along the back of my hand.

Then I opened the back door and stepped outside with my winged “passenger.”  It didn’t take off right away, so I lifted my hand a little higher, and then it took flight.  I watched it go for as long as I could see it.  Lots of little swoops in its flight towards the trees across the field.

Just now I looked through some moth identification sites, and it seems to be called simply an Orange Moth….although its cousin just might be the Scarlet Tiger Moth….a few similarities in both patterns.

Mystery Insect

IMG_2609 (2)


You hear the buzzing,

Fast wing beats; it seeks nectar.

And look — it’s orange!




There are two of us working in the garden….weeding and hoeing and trimming.  At one point we stopped to take a breather and admire the flowers that were blooming.

We could see the busy butterflies, delicately perching on purple or blue flowers here and there in the search for delicious nectar.

We could hear the hum of sound created by several bumble bees, moving along purposefully from flower to flower for their share of nectar and, of course, pollen.

Then Ryan, my gardening partner, spied something unusual.  At first he thought it was a really tiny hummingbird, as it seemed to fly and hover similar in that style.  It was hard to get a really good glimpse of it, so I pulled out my phone to snap some shots to help us with identification.  As we observed its movements, it eventually became clear that it WASN’T a hummingbird but another type of insect.  And the photos seem to support that idea.

As both Ryan and I have never seen such an insect before, I decided to post some photos of it on my blog and see if any of my readers might be familiar with it and could enlighten me as to its identity.

IMG_2612 (2)

IMG_2618 (2)

Any ideas???



The Marble Inside



My first time at Ottawa ComicCon today – or the Con, as it’s known to those who participate more regularly at these events – and with my young friend, Katey, as my guide, I decided to try out a new drink today. I guessed pretty much that it was orange soda; HOWEVER, what made this Japanese version so unique was Katey’s enthusiastic description of how to drink it!
So, naturally, I had to try it.



You open the cap. You dislodge the little plastic “tubey” bit from the lid. You discard the lid. Then you place the tubey bit – which sorta looks like a tubetti pasta shape – onto the top of the glass bottle. Yes, glass! How nice! Not plastic. Then with the palm of your hand, you put equal pressure to bear down onto the top of the bottle until you hear the little glass marble give way from its snug spot at the top…..which then allows the orange soda to flow freely when you tip the bottle to your lips to drink.
AND…..one more thing, the little glass marble, with gravity as its friend, will drop down at every swig, thereby only allowing a good glug’s worth of liquid to come out.
Isn’t that just the niftiest and handiest little invention????

I love it! So fun!
I tend NOT to drink soft drinks, BUT for something this unique, I will make an exception. It tasted rather good, too.

In the photos, you can see the front (above) and back (below) of the bottle. The front shows the Japanese writing, and you can see the marble still inside; it’s just a bit more visible in the photo viewing the back of the bottle.





Sun in Trees


The orange circle

Suspended in the forest;

It has me spellbound.



Once nature finally decided to give us our share of snow and wintry temperatures, we have once again been able to enjoy the beauty of the white blanket everywhere on the ground, the white garlands and dresses of the trees, and the crisp or muffled sound that snow makes when we step on it.

The always fresh and endlessly enticing magic of winter.





Wild Daylily


Blooming in July,

Transplanted from the roadside;

Familiar orange.


Note:  For years I had admired these orange daylilies growing wild in large patches along roadsides of farms and houses in the country, as well as beside small woods.  I had looked for them at nurseries but not found them.  Finally, a few years ago, I found a tiny clump along a roadside, nowhere near any home and decided to transplant it to a spot in my garden near the front of the house where I would get to see it more often.  Not only was the transplant successful, but over time this plant has flourished and grown into a good-sized patch, offering up a splendid show of orange daylily flowers every summertime for me to enjoy.