Unique additions to an underground garage

Having a long overdue trip to Germany – filled with visits with my cousins and uncles, as well as enjoying some sightseeing excursions.

This time the explorations have been in the northern part of the Black Forest area and a couple of places in Bavaria…..all of which I hadn’t seen before during previous family visits.

Now generally, the underground garages in Canada are fairly well laid out in that parking spots have designated numbers and letters, and then there are the entrances and exits with either ramps, stairs, and elevators.  Nothing that stands out.

Today I saw these two unique features of an underground garage located in the town of Füssen, Bavaria, namely…..


a)  A cordoned off area for people’s bicycles, which seems quite useful for certain situations.




……and then…..


b)  a designated “Frauenparkplatz” ie. a woman’s parking spot – there were close to 10 of them in this underground garage.




And I wondered…..

WHY would women need these designated areas??

I can already imagine the comments from the peanut gallery…..haha!







The Humble Tissue



Sinus congestion,

Sometimes runny or plugged up;

Blowing!  Ahhhh……relief.



You blow your nose.
Get rid of a ton of sinus and nose congestion.
Figure you’ve cleared up a huge amount.
Breathe freely for a bit.
Not too long later, you need to blow your nose…..again!
And then another huge load of STUFF comes out of your nose – one, two, sometimes three tissues.
Tell me…..
It feels like miles and miles of it coming out…..and then there’s miles and miles of it more!
And your head is only SO big.
I just shake my head……
….and grab another tissue.


Pretty box though, isn’t it?



Milkweed, Asters, and Bees

On my walk today I had a chance to look at unusual shapes and textures, as seen on these milkweed plants.  I love the design of the seed-filled milkweed pods – with their prickly-looking outer shells – in their elongated, elliptical form. And then when I see the milkweed plants without pods (as in the third photo), I wonder why its flowers did not get pollinated.  But then I am glad that a few monarchs did make it this far north to collect some of the milkweed nectar earlier in the summer, and thus help some of the plants to create new seeds.

020 020 (2) 033

In among the wildflowers of the roadsides, it’s a joy to discover the purple asters blooming in large clusters, providing colour in the waning summer landscape.

044 (2)044 (3)

So many of these aster blooms are past their yellow-centred phase, and yet…..

There are still those hardy, determined bumble bees who continue to look for those still producing flowers to collect their supply of pollen for their hives in preparation for the approaching winter time.

048 (2)049 (2)

It’s fun to watch them as they go about their important business, totally focused and not even perturbed that I am standing nearby.