When the Boys Cook!


No matter how much you love to cook, it IS a special treat when on occasion someone else in your family will do the cooking.

So, naturally, when every so often my boys will offer to cook supper, my face breaks into a smile and I give up the kitchen space for them to create something delicious.

As I was heading back home earlier this evening – after a quick stop at the grocery store in which I purchased some sweet peppers, hot peppers, mushrooms, and alfredo sauce at a good price – I wondered whether I could entice Conrad and Stephen to put together what has become a specialty of theirs – Lightly Spiced Alfredo Noodles with Veggies.

I didn’t have to twist their arms…..haha!  And they immediately got busy with chopping up veggies and getting noodles boiled, etc.

Conrad has developed a strong liking for spicyness in his foods and will often add a goodly amount of hot sauce – different kinds – into his dishes.  In the past there have been those sessions where we had to say to him that the sauce amount he had used was so overpowering, we couldn’t taste anything else!  Haha!  But as with everything, over time, practice helps improve one’s skills.  Spice amounts are adjusted….new herbs are tried out, and then more and more the dish gets perfected.

Well, tonight’s version was exactly that – a perfect blend of sauciness, veggie crunchyness, garlic undertones, herbal flavouring, and JUST the right amount of zingy spice to enhance the overall taste.  YUMMY!

Well done, lads!

Yes….we had seconds and thirds.