Whipping up some classic tunes

Finding myself in a reminiscing mood last night for classic oldies in brass music…..and up popped the name, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass!

Lots of fond memories!
My parents had an album that I would listen to over and over on the record player when I was a little girl.  It had a yummiliciously looking photo on the front cover of a young woman covered in…..”Whipped Cream and Other Delights.”

So, I did some searching and scooped up this one for your listening pleasure…..AND perhaps to get your mouths watering…..haha!



And here’s one more signature one by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass….

Another BIG favourite of mine!





Ice Sheet on White Lake


Gazing to the west,

An ice film stretches slowly

Outward from the shore.



I snapped this photo today in the late afternoon during my visit with Leah, a senior lady for whom I do bi-weekly cleaning…..combined with some conversation and laughs.  This is her prized view of her favourite place to be, where she has lived for many years…..on White Lake.

One simply cannot show up at her home and be strictly business, when she is there.  Hahaha!  I am the fresh new face in her life.  The new friend.  Someone who hasn’t heard her stories and jokes before, and I gladly sit with her (before the cleaning chores), as we share a cup of tea and share of our life experiences.

Leah is recently widowed (since August of this year), and she misses her husband whom she loved dearly.  She never faltered, even when his health was getting more and more fragile over the years.  They both had reached their 80 years and would have celebrated a 60th Anniversary in August of this year, if her husband, Bill, had not died just days before.

In our chats we share the commonalities of motherhood and having raised our children as stay-at-home moms, and we regale each other with fun anecdotes of memories from days gone by.  We also share a sense of fun and spunkiness.  As I listen to her adventures, I discover more of the many facets of Leah and what makes her distinctly who she is.  She can be feisty when she needs to be; however, she prefers the harmony as reflected in the natural world around her home.  Laughter comes easily to her, along with reflective moods, love, and compassion.

You just never know when and where you will meet a new friend in your life.

Thank you, Leah, for showing up in mine.  🙂


A Photo from 4 Years Ago…

Photo of me on drums by Mark Welsford; June 1, 2011

Cross-sticking on snare,

Add in bass, hi-hats, crash, ride;

Drumming feels so good!


I was doing my usual work on facebook yesterday, my longest-running social media activity.

And up popped the prompt of looking at “On This Day” posts.  I only just started using this feature a couple of months ago, and it’s become one of my favourites.  It allows older posts that have since turned into archives to get another viewing, plus they offer a way of digging into and sharing memories with one’s friends.

So among several funny posts, up popped this black and white photo (my profile picture at that time), taken by Mark Welsford of Fairchild Photography during a Rock Show performance with the Main Street School of Music in the town of Arnprior, where I had been taking drum lessons.  I was the drummer in a garage band called “Drama in the Collective.”  It was my first such experience playing in a band.  A great learning experience!  In terms of drumming skills and also in learning the dynamics of playing in a band.  I had only just started taking drum lessons less than two years before this show.

My kids were all old enough that I could do something for myself again, and since music has been an integral part for most of my life (in some form or other), that’s where I jumped in again – at age 48 – around 7 years ago…..and with the dream of exploring and learning all I could about music and musicians and practicing and performing.  Taking in all kinds of opportunities to widen my learning horizon.  And above all to have fun doing it!  To savour!  To work with dedication!  To love it!

I am still doing it.  Playing in other bands, playing at jams, performing, supporting and encouraging others, meeting musicians and making friends, and always learning and improving.

Here is my current profile picture on facebook; it’s also in black and white and taken by the same photographer, but from a Rock Show this summer.

Me on drums, Rock Show, June 18, 2015

The Mirror “Selfie”

Canon Selfie with Mirror - Sept. 2, 2013

As people get used to seeing me…..often……haha!
Especially my kids! They have been photographed, I don’t know how many gazillion times! I loved capturing the fun moments, the explorations, the surprises, the creativity in their play (with LEGO, etc.). Lots of great memories! And well, yes, I take lots of other people and things……musician friends, sights, the beauty in nature, and more…

I posted this on facebook in Sept. 2013, and a friend tonight managed to search it out, as we were comparing mirror selfies.  Haha!  He had taken one of himself, and when I mentioned that I had also done that some time ago, he went looking and found it.  The one he took of himself turned out good; however, we noticed that both of us did manage to snip a bit off of the top of our heads.  And that’s trickier to compensate for, when your eye isn’t looking through the viewfinder.

Mirror selfies are fun, too, as you can see backwards writing of words, as in this case……CANON.  Or should I say, NONAC…..haha!