Waffle Delight!



Belgian waffles,

Topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream;

Plus…maple syrup!




February has been quite a busy month with very little blogging on my part…..sigh.

I plan to remedy that and get back on track for March!  😀

Mind you, now starts the also busy maple season, especially at the restaurant where I work and where we offer delicious maple syrup highlighted breakfasts and lunches all through March and April.

Which inspired me to welcome you back……..with this yummy looking dish!

The only thing better would be if I could serve it to you.  ❤



That Busy Maple Syrup Season!


Waffles, fruit, and egg,

Sploshes of Maple Whipped Cream

Mmmm!  Maple Season!



Hi, Friends!

You may have noticed that my posts haven’t been as regular for the past few months….my work schedule has been highly busy, which doesn’t allow for writing time.  Bear with me!

What has been keeping me away primarily has been due to a special food – liquid gold, as it is sometimes referred to around here – Maple Syrup.  All through the months of March and April, it’s a tremendously busy time for the restaurants serving up breakfasts and lunches and featuring the delectable taste of our local maple syrup. The sap has been running – in fact, this year, the maple trees have been producing a profuse amount of maple sap for all the maple producers in this area.

In this photo are some of the tasty foods off of our menu – I had finished my shift last Friday and treated myself to a plateful of yumminess – Belgian waffles with maple whipped cream, blueberry preserves, maple baked beans, deep-dish egg omelette, and some fresh fruit.  The bottle of the “liquid gold” is in the upper left side of this photo, and I poured a generous amount on my waffles……so good!



A Big Thank-You to Micah


This is my gift to you, Micah, for all of your help tonight to finally sort out that confusion with my blog’s linked website that was causing so many visiting friends/bloggers tons of frustration when trying to find me.

You were willing and took the time to figure things out and then showed me step-by-step where I most likely went wrong.  And all of this from halfway around the world!  From your lovely home in the Philippines!  Good friends can be found everywhere and sometimes when you least expect it.

I enclosed this photo of a maple leaf that I took two weeks ago…..as the coloured leaves were falling down from the trees.  It’s red and stands out among the other fallen leaves.  It is meant to represent Canada AND the tree whose sap is the source of the delicious and versatile maple syrup that is finding tasty usefulness in more and more exciting and fun recipes, here and around the world.  And that you and I talked about.  🙂

Thank you so very much for your kindness, Micah.

I send you many hugs!!


And one more, please, Mom!


My family’s favourite: Buttermilk Oatmeal Pancakes!

We had them for supper tonight – Woohoo! With lovely maple syrup, these are welcome anytime. Everyone was digging in – hahaha! I love it when they do.

Made from scratch and a modified version of a recipe I found some 20 years ago, so I guess you could say it’s become a legit family recipe….??

I fry up pancakes in butter. Margarine was tried years ago, but it lost hands-down to butter. Hahaha!

As some of you may have experienced, once a recipe gets used so often that you can pull it out of your head at will, then also the original measurements don’t all stay the same; some things get eyeballed for how the mix looks, for example, the dry ingredients being well blended with flours and oat flakes.  And then once dry and wet ingredients have been mixed together, I like the batter to have a somewhat heavier consistency, so it doesn’t make runny pancakes but the kind that hold their shape in the hot pan….and yet flowing enough to create a thicker crèpe feel.  And then on some occasions those “secret” ingredients get added in just to change things up!  Like adding in chopped up fresh seasonal fruit.