Waffle Delight!



Belgian waffles,

Topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream;

Plus…maple syrup!




February has been quite a busy month with very little blogging on my part…..sigh.

I plan to remedy that and get back on track for March!  😀

Mind you, now starts the also busy maple season, especially at the restaurant where I work and where we offer delicious maple syrup highlighted breakfasts and lunches all through March and April.

Which inspired me to welcome you back……..with this yummy looking dish!

The only thing better would be if I could serve it to you.  ❤



That Busy Maple Syrup Season!


Waffles, fruit, and egg,

Sploshes of Maple Whipped Cream

Mmmm!  Maple Season!



Hi, Friends!

You may have noticed that my posts haven’t been as regular for the past few months….my work schedule has been highly busy, which doesn’t allow for writing time.  Bear with me!

What has been keeping me away primarily has been due to a special food – liquid gold, as it is sometimes referred to around here – Maple Syrup.  All through the months of March and April, it’s a tremendously busy time for the restaurants serving up breakfasts and lunches and featuring the delectable taste of our local maple syrup. The sap has been running – in fact, this year, the maple trees have been producing a profuse amount of maple sap for all the maple producers in this area.

In this photo are some of the tasty foods off of our menu – I had finished my shift last Friday and treated myself to a plateful of yumminess – Belgian waffles with maple whipped cream, blueberry preserves, maple baked beans, deep-dish egg omelette, and some fresh fruit.  The bottle of the “liquid gold” is in the upper left side of this photo, and I poured a generous amount on my waffles……so good!