Frosty Magic



Intricate leaflets

With a silvery frost tinge;

A magic dusting?




As I left my tiny cabin in the morning for a walkabout, a dusting of frost had fallen everywhere on the plants outside.  I was enthralled with the fern fronds’ design, as well as how the silvery frost blends down to the usual green colour as it gets closer to the tips.

You can see how the oval-shaped leaves from yet another plant – on the top and right of this photo – stand out with their distinctive outline due to the frost.

This photo was taken in early July of 2007, when I was visiting in Picton, South Island, New Zealand  (their wintertime).


Misty Dawn at Pickerel Bay



Dreamy, peaceful dawn;

A light mist…floating islands.

Magic in the air?




A view of White Lake early Tuesday morning….just after 7 a.m.  As seen from Pickerel Bay.

Before I got started with the work I had come to do, a movement in the sky caught my eye – a slow, gracefully soaring great blue heron; it has such a distinctive, unmistakable gliding style – I watched its flight for a few moments, then my eyes lowered to the horizon, and I noticed the mist on the lake water, and I was immediately entranced with the sense of peacefulness and calm.

At the sight of the tranquil water…..the island reflections….the light pink hues created by the just rising sun……it could be the perfect spot for enchanted Avalon!








Sun in Trees


The orange circle

Suspended in the forest;

It has me spellbound.



Once nature finally decided to give us our share of snow and wintry temperatures, we have once again been able to enjoy the beauty of the white blanket everywhere on the ground, the white garlands and dresses of the trees, and the crisp or muffled sound that snow makes when we step on it.

The always fresh and endlessly enticing magic of winter.