Frosty Magic



Intricate leaflets

With a silvery frost tinge;

A magic dusting?




As I left my tiny cabin in the morning for a walkabout, a dusting of frost had fallen everywhere on the plants outside.  I was enthralled with the fern fronds’ design, as well as how the silvery frost blends down to the usual green colour as it gets closer to the tips.

You can see how the oval-shaped leaves from yet another plant – on the top and right of this photo – stand out with their distinctive outline due to the frost.

This photo was taken in early July of 2007, when I was visiting in Picton, South Island, New Zealand  (their wintertime).


Photography Assignment – Trees

In this week’s photography assignment, the theme focused on trees, which happens to be one of my favourite subjects.  I love trees! So much variety and beauty in design and patterns.

So I dug around in my archives to pick four for my submissions.  In addition to sharing these photos with you, and in keeping with my usual style on this blog page, I have decided to add in new haiku poems to accompany each one.  I hope you like them.

Here they are:


Dead Tree Trunk from Oct. 2012


Resting in silence;

No longer alive, and yet

Supporting new life.


Trees #1 – (from the archives)  I took it in October 2012, when I was on a hike in a nearby conservation area. I loved the peacefulness of this scene. The tree having transitioned to the next phase of its life in that it provides nutrients and shelter for the life occurring then.
There were all sorts of things that caught my eye. I really liked how this tree stump was positioned…in three parts – stump and long log and end log – in a cushiony bed of colourful leaves….and a cloud of “yellow” leaves up above.
The yellows and oranges having a good contrast with the dark grey of the dead tree and the thin saplings.




Shelf bracken on tree from April 2015


Jutting out in groups,

As stepping stones up the tree

For small animals?


Trees #2 – (from the archives) For this one I decided to focus on a close-up of a tree, to see its bark texture and other fascinating details. Taken last April of a poplar tree in our back woods – I love how the bark curls with that paper-thin look, the splotches of green moss, and I was especially fascinated with the abundant collection of shelf bracken attached to this tree.




New Zealand Christmas Tree from 2010


That familiar shape,

But the needles face upwards?

Gentle, big brushes.


Trees #3 – (from the archives, my trip in 2010) – the uniquely shaped “Christmas” tree as found in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. I took several photos in different places, because this tree continuously fascinates me. I picked this one to share, as with the light sky as background, you can see more clearly the frond design of the leaves – or “needles” –  and how they grow upwards.




The Lost Tree - March 28, 2016


Trees #4 (taken in March 2016)

Some of you may remember this one….

I featured it in a previous blog post….with the title “The Lost Tree.”

(complete with haiku and background story)









Sounds of a Cornfield as the Wind Blows Through….

On my morning walk today, there was a periodic breeze….creating instrumentals from the cornfield, with some brief songbird melody, and short buzzes of a passing fly. After yesterday’s Bluesfest concerts, it just felt to me like nature wanted to treat me to a concert of her making. Hahaha! I was enthralled! A huge cornfield all waving and rustling a multitude of leaves at me!  🙂