When one door closes….


(photo courtesy of my friend, Mark Welsford, of Fairchild Photography; taken at the Rock Show hosted by Main Street School of Music in Arnprior, Feb. 23rd, 2017; with my ladies band)




So….as of four days ago ie Monday, I am no longer part of the Werth It band.

Yeah…..bummer, eh?

Some changes in life seem to take a long time, and others can happen real fast.

All in a matter of a conversation, even.

It’s a parting on good terms, as the three of us had a fun time with all of our practices and a couple of performances. At the beginning it seemed as if we all shared a same vision and goals for our band, but over time it became clearer that things were getting somewhat askew.

As with every band experience I learned more about music – new songs, which are of a diverse mix, and I shall miss not playing them. And the dynamics of yet another group of people seeking to share their love of music.

Today as I was doing some more thinking about the change of events, I started focusing on more positives.

a) we might bump into each other again and have an opportunity to jam to songs

b) the ladies band I am in is still going strong, and now that our most recent Rock Show performance is behind us, we are looking to working on some new songs, That’s always an exciting time!

c) I was in conversation with a musician friend I haven’t seen in quite a while, and one of the things we discussed was getting together at her place and she and I just jamming out. I found out that she also plays the piano, in addition to bass! And we both sing, so that will be something fun to look forward to…. ūüôā

d) things that I had to pass on or decline, because they conflicted with the band practices, I can now attend again…..like the monthly blues jams. Even though I willingly passed on those, I did feel a tiny twinge of regret last month, when I had to miss my drumming buddy, Andy’s inaugural time at being house drummer for the blues jam…..something he has been dreaming of doing for a long time. So, I know how much it meant to him. From what I heard, he did a marvellous job of it! ūüėÄ

e) and finally, more regular sessions with my newest drumming coach/teacher, Derek DeBeer (whom I was introduced to by Peter Fredette at the last League of Rock showcase night in December). I could only juggle two sessions so far, and both times we had a blast! We did kitwork in those sessions, but he also teaches hand drumming – he’s originally from South Africa – and I hope to also attend one of his monthly drumming circles, where I’m sure there will be plenty of African style rhythms to explore and learn…..and in a larger group, too!

So…..all that to say…..all is well. And life goes on. ‚̧


For All My Friends on WordPress…



It’s been exciting and fun with all of my WordPress friends this year – learning new things and getting to know some of you more, sharing stories and photos from our parts of this beautiful world.

Thank you so much!

Michaela ¬†‚̧

Cooking Classes with Maggie

Ever since mid-September of this year, ¬†I have been attending weekly cooking classes at one of the local grocery stores near where I live, hosted by Chef Maggie. ¬†They take place every Tuesday from noon until 1 p.m. ¬†It’s the same store that I mentioned in a previous post, entitled¬†A Time for Giving Hugs¬†. In fact, I took the photos of Mary right after one of these cooking classes. ¬† ‚̧

On average the group of attendees who come to these classes are approximately 15 people, and we listen and watch attentively as Maggie guides us through the featured recipes she has picked for us.  She puts it all together, and near the end of each class we get to sample the just prepared dishes.

In the photos above, Maggie is showing us the steps to a nourishing quinoa (with veggies and chicken) dish.  And you can see some added detail via the large rectangular mirror as it reflects to the viewers everything more clearly.


Here is my serving up close……it tasted delicious! ¬†That red pepper sauce added great flavour!


In these next photos, everyone is lining up to get their portion of the dessert, which was vanilla ice cream with a delightfully generous helping of the made-from-scratch Whisky Caramel Sauce that Maggie showed us.

And here is the photo of the dessert…..Mmmmm!


Generally in the days that follow, I end up cooking for my lads at home the featured dishes from that Tuesday. ¬†Happily, I’ve been getting encouraging and positive feedback from them – they are enjoying these newer meals!

However, I didn’t get to trying these two latest recipes out yet, because Christmas snuck in first. ¬†Haha!

I plan to make both at some point this week.


In the next two photos you can see the location of the kitchen area, which is on the upper floor, and you can see the many food displays on the lower level of the store.

A Photo from 4 Years Ago…

Photo of me on drums by Mark Welsford; June 1, 2011

Cross-sticking on snare,

Add in bass, hi-hats, crash, ride;

Drumming feels so good!


I was doing my usual work on facebook yesterday, my longest-running social media activity.

And up popped the prompt of looking at “On This Day” posts. ¬†I only just started using this feature a couple of months ago, and it’s become one of my favourites. ¬†It allows older posts that have since turned into archives to get another viewing, plus they offer a way of digging into and sharing memories with one’s friends.

So among several funny posts, up popped this black and white photo (my profile picture at that time), taken by Mark Welsford of Fairchild Photography during a Rock Show performance with the Main Street School of Music¬†in the town of Arnprior, where I had been taking drum lessons. ¬†I was the drummer in a garage band called “Drama in the Collective.” ¬†It was my first such experience playing in a band. ¬†A great learning experience! ¬†In terms of drumming skills and also in learning the dynamics of playing in a band. ¬†I had only just started taking drum lessons less than two years before this show.

My kids were all old enough that I could do something for myself again, and since music has been an integral part for most of my life (in some form or other), that’s where I jumped in again – at age 48 – around 7 years ago…..and with the dream of exploring and learning all I could about music and musicians and practicing and performing. ¬†Taking in all kinds of opportunities to widen my learning horizon. ¬†And above all to have fun doing it! ¬†To savour! ¬†To work with dedication! ¬†To love it!

I am still doing it.  Playing in other bands, playing at jams, performing, supporting and encouraging others, meeting musicians and making friends, and always learning and improving.

Here is my current profile picture on facebook; it’s also in black and white and taken by the same photographer, but from a Rock Show this summer.

Me on drums, Rock Show, June 18, 2015

A Little Zeppelin Humour….


I always enjoy coming across those unexpected discoveries, especially if they are creative, cute, funny….where someone has put some extra thought into it.

My husband and I were walking along a main street in the town of Perth, Ontario, on our way to an anniversary dinner, when we spotted this store, tucked in among various others. ¬†One of my husband’s favourite songs – back in his DJing days – is the classic Led Zeppelin song to which this sign refers. ¬†It’s also a BIG favourite of mine….spanning back from the days of attending dances where that song ALWAYS was the finishing last song of the night.

When my sons, in their teen years, “discovered” the collection of music by the band and enthusiastically embraced it by listening to it, playing to it, learning more in-depth about it, and sharing all that knowledge with me, I had the chance to expand my previously limited understanding of the band and their influential music. ¬†I am glad for that added education from my kids. ¬†We continue to be keen and enthusiastic fans of Jimmy, John, John Paul, and Robert.