An Unusual Singer

Yesterday I found heart-warming inspiration from an unexpected source.

I happened to glance at the activities of some of my Facebook friends and stopped at one where I read that one of my friends had liked a particular video post…..about a deaf singer performing at a talent show.

One other time I had come across a Ted Talk in which a woman was talking about her experience about being deaf and being involved in music, and she had been deaf at a young age.  She had overcome various challenges in her life and had fulfilled her dream of being a professional musician, or more precisely, a percussionist.

So, with that in mind, I was especially intrigued with this new post.

What increased the intrigue was that this other young woman – singer/songwriter – was appearing on the show, “America’s Got Talent,” which I generally don’t watch.  But now being somewhat savvy  that deafness doesn’t mean that a person can’t achieve their musicianship dreams,  I had a hunch this would be a ground-breaking experience.  Ever since Susan Doyle wowed the judges on the British equivalent show – where she overcame her hurdle of no formal training and wavering self-confidence – I keep a keen eye and ear open to those more “unique” aspiring singers.


What an incredibly momentous experience for this young lady!

Mandy Harvey – inspiring and amazing – how she handled overcoming her biggest obstacle….herself.

No spoilers from me, but I encourage you to watch this clip.



Saying Good-bye to Mary

Saying good-bye to another inspiring, beautiful soul.



(photo courtesy of Google images)


She made me laugh; she had me smiling; she had me thinking.

Mary Tyler Moore inspired me. From the days of the Dick Van Dyke show and with her own show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I loved those shows. Great stories – well written and acted dramatic and comedic bits.  She became a role model for me to be confident and take on challenges and face the world with optimism.

Thank you, Mary.


I just found this video clip today.



Good to see Joan Jett put her spin on The Mary Tyler Moore show’s theme song, “Love is All Around.” 😀

A fun tribute!

“Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?”



One more Good-bye for 2016



One more much-loved and well-known actor takes his final bow….just squeaking in before the old year closes…..

Good-bye, William Christopher a.k.a. Father John Mulcahy – one of my huge favies of M*A*S*H.

He brought so much kindness, understanding, compassion, also with touches of humour, to his character.  He inspired me with his humanity.

You can read more here .

Grey with that Colour Splash!



I love my grey hair,

But with some pink and purple,

There is added fun!



A little over four years ago – with some inspiration from a friend and her referral to her hairdresser – I embarked on a new trend for myself.  My hair by then had been turning grey, and I had kept it like that for a while.  I didn’t really want to cover it up.

However, at one point I needed a change for myself, along with other changes I was making, and so I took that step for the first added strands of colour.  My new hairdresser understood what I was hoping for, and so we took it slowly, in case I might change my mind.  She only added a few strands of purple; she interwove it so nicely in among the grey hairs.

Well, I loved the effect!  And I got compliments continuously from people I knew and also from strangers.  Haha!

The hair has evolved over time – the cut used to be a bob and lately we’ve been going with the pixie cut style.  After the initial trials with bits of purple, we went with MORE purple….and then added in fuchsia and even some blue. Blue doesn’t last as long, although it is also quite pretty.  The grey hair takes the colour really well.

I only need to go every three months for refreshing the colour and cutting the hair, which isn’t as often as if I were to totally dye my hair to cover the grey.  And there are no harsh chemicals in this process.  Plus, this way I still get to enjoy the grey – and some white that peeks through!

Two weeks ago was my most recent visit to my hairdresser, and we went for the most colour ever!  I took some photos, and you can see all the wonderful fuchsia and purple, along with the grey everywhere else.

I STILL get such warm-hearted and sincere compliments!  It’s wonderful.  From women AND men!  Strangers will yell across a parking lot to tell me how much they love my hair.  Others will say so as they pass me by.  My co-workers cheer me on.  And my other friends and family also add their kind words every so often.

And really, I just enjoy having fun with it!  It adds some zest!   And it feels great!

Oh yeah, and I have inspired a few other ladies to try something similar – why not?

Kinda cool to be called the Purple-haired Lady!




My Foodie Inspiration!


A base of green leaves;

Chicken salad mound amid

A circling of eggs.


Okay, so it isn’t my FIRST foodie inspiration.  I love to cook, and every so often I try something new.

In this case, my foodie inspiration came as a result of me finally getting to watch “Julie & Julia” yesterday evening.  A few days ago when I was at a local gas station, I was standing in line to pay and noticed a rack of previously-viewed DVDs.  In amongst the lot was “Julie & Julia,” and the price was good, so I snapped it up with great anticipation of watching it at home.

I had heard that the movie was good, but no more detail than that.  So, it was a completely fresh experience.  Interestingly, there was a good deal about blogging…..and as expected, there was plenty of food in it, too!  As I watched, not only did it give me the idea to look up Julia Child’s book but also the book written by the other main character, Julie Powell, upon which the movie is also based.  Book searching to transpire in the next few weeks, I’m thinking.

However!  When I found myself in the kitchen today, looking for a supper idea on the leftover chicken I had, I put myself in Julie/Julia mode and thought about how I could transform the chicken into a pretty little salad….with presentation!

And eventually the idea took shape in my mind….and then on the plates.  It was just enough for my two sons and myself, and I served up the salad with a buttered slice of fresh rye bread (cut in half).  Haha!  Simple and tasty.  I loved the surprised looks on my sons’ faces….and, later on, their positive reviews of this meal!



His Magnificent Obsession


It started when he was watching some film footage of a concert, and as he watched the band playing, his attention was mostly on the drummer.

He’d already been following this other drummer, who actually was the one who inspired his passion to learn drumming.

Then some time had gone by.  He’d eagerly gone to drum lessons and worked and practiced diligently for hours every day.  The fire was lit inside him, and he was in his bliss.

No, it was this second guy who thoroughly captured his imagination….whose moves kept him spellbound, whose drumming was complex and yet spoke to him like no other drummer’s playing.

He switched to a new path.

However he could lay his hands on CDs of this band, he would manage it…..somehow.   And he did.  Bought some.  Borrowed some.  And he listened to them every day.  With his headphones on.  Usually after having done the initial warm-up and rudiment exercises.

As he listened to each song, his mind was open, and he felt at one with the music.

Then he decided to work at becoming as proficient as his idol by practicing one song at a time.  Over and over and over and over.  However long it would take.  Until that song was learned.

He didn’t care.  It was the process of teaching himself, and it wasn’t work.

It was his heart’s desire.

Some songs took longer than others.  Some had incredibly complicated rhythms and fills….and solos.  If it meant an unusual bass beat from the regular kind in the chorus, he’d adjust.  For those he would listen in minute detail…..and practice until he could play it exactly like the song.

Why not?  That’s what made these songs great, even just from the drumming point of view.  His idol was not hailed as THE best rock drummer of all time for no reason.  So, he sweated and played and practiced…..sometimes to the point of having blisters and bleeding fingers.

He loved the drummer’s creative use of the kick bass, crashes and ride, for incorporating the toms in unusual and different ways, for his incredibly solid skills with triplets, for always playing right “in the pocket”……….creating sounds he hadn’t heard before.

Each song had its trademark sound.  There’d be 4/4 time, 3/4 time, and some songs with unusual time signatures.

It took a long time, and eventually he would see progress, as in completely being able to play a song from start to finish…..playing along to the band, as he listened with his headphones on.

And what a feeling when another song had been deciphered and learned!  His smile would burst from his face.  His happiness flowed inside, filling him up.

When he had worked his way through the first CD, he then picked up the next one in sequence…..waiting for that first song to start; his fingers, arms, and legs poised with eager anticipation to the sound of the new rhythms and fills.  No holding back.  He’d get there eventually.  Of that he was certain.

On the day he finished the 7th CD, he had the biggest smile on his face!    Quietly….not saying much.  His eyes sparkled and shone.  For his personal development, his goal achieved, and a strengthened passion for his drumming.

Such was his magnificent obsession.