The Sound of an 18-string Guitar!

Here is a video clip that I discovered last week.



A talented musician – sitting in a picturesque forested area – playing this beautiful sounding 18-string guitar, and the song is an old classic from Simon and Garfunkel, “The Sound of Silence.”

Click here to watch and listen.






A Flock of Foraging Visitors



Quietly moving,

Slowly, searching for some food;

Turkeys in the woods.




Yesterday early in the morning, I happened to glance out the bathroom window toward our backyard and spied some new visitors to our snow-blanketed, wooded area.

I counted at least nine of these wild turkeys and stood for quite some time, watching them as they unhurriedly went about their foraging business.

So thrilled to see them!

I have spotted them in other areas, woods, and fields…even crossing a country road. So….seeing them in our backyard was a treat!



I wonder if they could hear my camera clicking sound from the open bedroom window??

They certainly seemed completely unperturbed.




Ever watchful, too.