A fascinating lizard

IMG_5429 (2)


Still as a statue,

Calm, quiet, immoveable;

How a gecko rests.




At a friend’s house I always like to go have a peek at his pet gecko in its little “desert” home.

Most of the time, it hides behind the plastic leaves and other objects, and I may catch a glimpse of its tail or elbow.

Last week it showed much more of itself!

Its head and front legs….and it seemed to react to my camera nearby, as it moved out just a little bit further and tilted its head to look more in my direction, and I could watch its throat swallowing, much like a frog’s throat does.  And the eyes are such tiny slits and don’t seem to blink.  SO cool!

Another photo that I took….(tilted for a different angle)


IMG_5425 (2)







The “Tree Beak”


So fun when you’re somewhere,


Camera in hand,

And you find treasures to capture.

It might be lighting and shadows,

Sometimes particular colours catch your eye,

Textures, shapes, and forms.

Straight lines here….and nothing but curves over there.

But oh, looking in the midst of something,

Then you find it!

That unusual thing,

Hiding in its surroundings and

Finally popping out with a “See, it’s me!”