The Sound of an 18-string Guitar!

Here is a video clip that I discovered last week.



A talented musician – sitting in a picturesque forested area – playing this beautiful sounding 18-string guitar, and the song is an old classic from Simon and Garfunkel, “The Sound of Silence.”

Click here to watch and listen.






This Music Always Touches My Soul

After listening to a selection of songs from The Who, Burton Cummings, The Eurhythmics this evening via Spotify, I am finishing it off with instrumental guitar – more specifically, flamenco instrumental guitar as superbly performed by Jesse Cook and his band of amazing percussionists and other guitarist.

This music I can listen to always.

It has Latin groove and a taste of Spanish flamenco – ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been enthralled with flamenco….the passion, the energy, the sound!!

I searched for a youtube clip showing Jesse and his band playing live (2012), so you can see for yourself.
I know it isn’t everyone’s thing, but in case you’re curious….

I have been fortunate to see Jesse and his band playing live, once at Bluesfest and once at the NAC  (National Arts Centre) – both of which are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.- and both times their musicianship had the audience spellbound and delighted and always asking for more. Oh yeah, at Bluesfest, there was MUCH dancing among the captive audience!!


Jesse and his band tour internationally as well as in Canada.


Click on this link:
Haha!  I just found another youtube link; I couldn’t resist!  It’s one of the few songs where there’s a singer as well.  Okay….well, two.  Wonderful harmonies!
Click on this link to watch Jesse and some of his band performing “Fall At Your Feet” right in the midst of the audience!

The Chocolate Guitar


My daughter stopped by for a short visit this evening,

Bringing with her a surprise….in the spirit of Mother’s Day (last weekend).

She found this delightful treat in a store in a small town, while browsing with a friend,

A store that offered up all manner of delectables, including gelato, sherbets,

Regular ice cream, a diverse assortment of jelly beans,

Goodies and more goodies, including milk chocolate in unusual designs.

And well…..chocolate instruments?

They didn’t have drums in chocolate, which she hoped to find for me.

However, there were chocolate guitars!

Couldn’t play “Greensleeves” on it…..

But yummers!  It tasted really good!