A Surprise Guest!

022 (2)

Sonja says to me about an hour ago…..”Hey, the frog’s still there!”
“What frog?” I ask.
“That one in there.”
And I looked over in the direction of her pointing finger…..

(Note: She told me she had already noticed the frog there on Friday, when she came here to pick up some extra camping gear for her weekend camping/canoeing trip).

It seems that we have somehow – without trying – created a pond-like habitat in our yard…..a plastic rubbermaid bin holding odds and bits of broken items, meant for the dump. And then a few rain showers later…..voil√†! A mini pond! And when I looked closer, sure enough, floating with only his head showing is a little green frog. Well, ain’t that just hunky-dory!

So naturally I ran into the house to grab my camera! Hahaha!


Okay, I gave her credit for seeing that one, but I spied the SECOND frog, because I happened to notice a quick move in another corner with an ever-so-slight splash. Whereupon the darker green frog’s head popped up. So…..TWO of them have made a temporary home here! Enough bugs to keep them happy for now, I imagine. ¬†(You can see the second frog’s peeking head in the lower and more left area.)

Nature is so adaptable, and definitely makes good use of when opportunities present themselves.

Hmmm…..I like the idea of an amphibian B&B in the garden, considering we usually have to walk down our country road past our two neighbours in order to visit the frogs in the REAL pond.


Here is the whole bin in view, and you may be able to make out the one frog near the top and the other one still in the bottom corner.