A Taste of….Wrongful Conviction!

As I have mentioned on a few previous posts, in addition to writing and blogging and other jobs, I also am busily involved with music, having experienced being in bands and performing live as well. (And I started eight years ago, when I took up drumming lessons)

Here in the Ottawa area is an organized opportunity – called the League of Rock – for aspiring musicians to take part for 10-week sessions in being put together in bands, learning 3-5 songs, having weekly rehearsals, getting coached from mostly local professional musicians, getting to perform live, as well as going into a recording studio to experience the process of recording one song.

I have taken part in four sessions – started in the fall session 2015 and finished with this last fall session – and it’s been an amazing experience!  I have met so many keen and talented musicians and had a LOT of fun.  There are a lot of friendships made, and also a sense of family created amongst the participants.

Truly memorable moments.

Here is the video that my band finally received from the photographer about our part of the finale live performance, where all five of the bands in this fall session showed the appreciative audience what they’d been working on.


Videographer – Christopher Paine


So different from anything I have known before……so stimulating, so thrilling!

I finish reading through a couple of poems from a new blogger and look at the lower corner of the screen monitor.  Almost 4 a.m.  Wow.  And I have been staying up into the wee early hours for the past couple of days.  Possibly because it’s quiet in the house…..possibly because after I get the other things done, I indulge in exploring and connecting with my “new friends” in the blogging world.  And what a world it is!  I had no idea how my perspective, my perception would change.  Blogging is opening up doors and windows to a wonderful, exciting bigger world of creative writers and artists and photographers.  The discovering….the inspiring….the admiring of the far-ranging and incredible variety of thoughts and ideas and images.  I am equally humbled and profoundly grateful for all of this newfound excitement!  My initial foray into such reaches of online social interactions probably started with facebook, and over the past six-and-a-half years, I have thoroughly enjoyed and revelled in all that facebook offers and entices – the connecting with old friends and the making of new friends and communicating with friends I see in person often or just here and there.  And so now it feels as if I have made my way to that inviting french door at the far end of the room that I have spent some time traversing – with its glass inlays and sunshine streaming through – that beckons me to open it and step into new and more wondrous places!  This is bliss!