My Shimmery Rose



Sparkling bright silver,

Folds, whorls….it looks familiar.

The shape of a rose




A couple of weeks ago, a dear friend gave me a lovely little present…..self-made. I thought it was so sweet, and this gesture touched my heart. At that time I promptly put it in a safe place, to keep it protected, but then when I was heading for home, I completely forgot to take it with me!
Thinking that most likely it would get tossed out by someone else – coming across it by chance – who wouldn’t know what it was, initially, I fretted some.
When I returned there today, I immediately went to the hiding place to see if the gift was still there.

My friend had noticed that I had forgotten it and made sure that it stayed safe until I came by again. 

It’s a folded and rolled up Foil Rose.

Yep….I was given a flower.





Anger Inside

Yeah….who am I kidding?

I’m still mad at you.

I was so looking forward to the fun!

The energy, the sharing, the teamwork.

When we’re both on….it seems to flow.

And if one of us isn’t, it’s rough.

Earlier on it was you, for whatever reason.

Over time, as we worked out the wrinkles,

Our system improved.  The teamwork evolved.

A little more giving and sharing and helping.

With you, somehow, my confidence is shaky.

But I always keep trying.  How else will I get better?

And our teamwork seemed to flow more and more.

An important time was coming up….to me anyway.

Because of the people who would be there.

I practiced and worked at it.  I had high hopes.

This time, though, a few things intruded into our circle,

And then it seemed as if I was going to fall apart.

I wasn’t scared.  I felt disappointed.

And somehow I managed to hold it together.

People were appreciative and sounded happy.

That helped a bit.

But later on….I was trembling, which surprised me.

And then I realized it was a flood of anger welling over me.

I tried to put it into perspective….thinking my quick temper

Would dissipate, as it usually does.

But no….it’s still there.

Every time I think about it.

God, you drive me crazy!



Note:  I wrote this poem on Dec. 12, 2011….at a time when I had a friend, who meant a lot to me, and who managed to re-ignite my up-till-then-gone-into-hiding poetry writing energies.  🙂




The Ceiling Tiles Hijinks!

Yesterday was my visit to my senior friend, Leah, again.
It was going to be a team effort between her and myself in taking down all of her kitchen ceiling tiles – those older kind made of somewhat opaque plastic – she didn’t feel comfortable being up on her two-step ladder and stretching upwards to negotiate getting the tiles down, but she was quite keen to do the soaping of the tiles and drying, then for me to replace them again.
It seemed like a great plan!
Ever since I started going to see her in the fall, she’d been telling me of her dislike for the dirty state those tiles were in and that she was waiting for a carpenter friend whom she had commissioned to replace those old ceiling tiles with a new pot lighting system. Except the fellow was involved in a big home repair project and then seemed to be embroiled in another project, so even though he said he’d take care of her project, he’d say that he would come and then he’d cancel.
So, she patiently put up with those dirty ceiling tiles for months, until finally she asked me if I was game to help her with cleaning them.
You betcha!
She still plans on having the new pot lighting system put in, but for now the tiles will have to do….



In the first two pics you can see the dirt….and those weren’t the dirtiest. In the last photo are the cleaned ones.


So Leah and I had a good flow in our cleaning routine….and we’d chat a bit and laugh and tease. Great fun!
On the third ceiling tile in the bunch, she burst out with an exclamation of minor dismay at having put a crack into the tile. I told her it wasn’t anything we couldn’t place in such a way to hide that crack.
A few tiles later and I caused an even bigger crack in a tile – during the negotiation of removal – eek! So, there was a whole bunch of teasing on both sides! I told her that I only did that so she wouldn’t feel bad about her crack… know, like that.
Then even later one of the tiles that I removed almost effortlessly totally slipped out of my hands and dove for the floor! Yikes! Yep, there was a corner chipped off a bit. Even more teasing from Leah at my expense – hahaha!
It was getting trickier to hide our mistakes by putting tiles in darker areas.

And each time one of us had such an oops, we’d laugh about it (after I apologized for mine!) and then Leah would say, “yes, and we’re still talking!”

Finally, we got the whole ceiling done, and she felt SO relieved that the job was finally done and all those dead bugs and some mouse poop had been cleaned away.

Afterwards, Leah made us some egg salad sandwiches, and I made us a pot of tea…..and we sat down in the comfy big-arm chairs in the living room to enjoy our well-deserved lunch!

And even more chatting ensued……

I will be at her house again this week, as we plan to tackle her walk-in pantry for cleaning and re-organizing.

Bound to be more laughing and hugs and…..oh yeah, she promised some more egg salad sandwiches!


Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

In this year’s google images, I picked this one to send out good wishes to all of you, my friends on wordpress.  I love the SPARKLIES!  Hahaha!


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, my  Friends!!!  🙂  I hope you are all enjoying a fun celebration to ring in the next amazing year!  May your dreams come true or get just that much closer to coming true! May you find joy, kindness, and happiness in your every day! May you be in the best health yet! May you find yourself embraced in love and laughter for your next 365-day trip around the SUN!!


And I would like to share with you one particular thing I did to celebrate….

For a unique, new, fun, New Year’s Eve treat….my friend Deborah, Kirby (my husband) and I had a most enjoyable time dining at The Smokehouse Café in Renfrew, Ontario (approximately a 35 min. drive from our town, considering the snowy conditions).

Friends of mine, Bill and Sue and their staff (yay, Jessica!) provided us and another table of three (ladies also from the Almonte area) with a five-course delicious and gourmet meal. Wonderful service and laughs and good conversation as well. This photo shows the dessert – their pretty presentation of their Tiramisu dessert version….amaretto tirami sù with walnut brittle and white chocolate truffle (according to the menu). The chocolate truffle at the bottom of the plate just melted in my mouth – Mmm!, and I LOVED the chocolatey treble clef design on the left (yes, for THAT I licked my plate! Hahaha!). 🙂


Ice Sheet on White Lake


Gazing to the west,

An ice film stretches slowly

Outward from the shore.



I snapped this photo today in the late afternoon during my visit with Leah, a senior lady for whom I do bi-weekly cleaning…..combined with some conversation and laughs.  This is her prized view of her favourite place to be, where she has lived for many years…..on White Lake.

One simply cannot show up at her home and be strictly business, when she is there.  Hahaha!  I am the fresh new face in her life.  The new friend.  Someone who hasn’t heard her stories and jokes before, and I gladly sit with her (before the cleaning chores), as we share a cup of tea and share of our life experiences.

Leah is recently widowed (since August of this year), and she misses her husband whom she loved dearly.  She never faltered, even when his health was getting more and more fragile over the years.  They both had reached their 80 years and would have celebrated a 60th Anniversary in August of this year, if her husband, Bill, had not died just days before.

In our chats we share the commonalities of motherhood and having raised our children as stay-at-home moms, and we regale each other with fun anecdotes of memories from days gone by.  We also share a sense of fun and spunkiness.  As I listen to her adventures, I discover more of the many facets of Leah and what makes her distinctly who she is.  She can be feisty when she needs to be; however, she prefers the harmony as reflected in the natural world around her home.  Laughter comes easily to her, along with reflective moods, love, and compassion.

You just never know when and where you will meet a new friend in your life.

Thank you, Leah, for showing up in mine.  🙂