The Pink Dancer



Two-toned curving whorls,

The floral dancer swishes

In pink flourishes.


Walking by an enclosed garden near my friend’s house in Augsburg-Inningen, Germany last week, I couldn’t help but notice this shrub that was bursting with clusters of pink magnolia flowers.

It was the first time I’d ever seen magnolia flowers beyond gazing at them in illustrated horticultural books. ¬†ūüôā



Nature’s Delicate Side

With icy and snowy landscapes greeting me as I look out the windows, I sometimes go poking through older photos with some of them taken in the warmer seasons…..just for that occasional break.

I came across these two last night.






In a patch of downtrodden grass

Stands a sentinel.

Reaching tall….reaching for the sun’s warmth.

A splayed fan of fine, grassy wisps at the top.

In a burst of bright green,

Saying, “I am here!”






Little girl in white

With a bouffant of pink hair;

Dancing with a friend.




The first photo was taken during a visit at a wildlife reserve in August 2015 up in the Yukon. ¬†Our group had walked over to where some caribou were grazing in their sufficiently large area – we could watch them with a wired fence between us – and in between taking photos of the caribou, I also found some other beauties in this spot….like that little grassy shoot.


The second photo was taken of bleeding hearts blooms in the front bed of my garden in the spring of 2015.  I had actually waited too long, and many of the fuller clusters had already passed the height of their generous blooming time.



Another Admirer of Flowers



Flowers in a vase,

Quietly my cat arrives;

Just light little sniffs.




After several hours of gardening work – mostly hoeing and weeding – one day last week, I put together a tiny little bouquet of flowers to put in a vase as a little cheery reward.

When I took the vase of flowers outside to take some photos, out of nowhere, our cat, Hemingway, showed up and in her gentle way decided to check out what all was in that vase.

It was fun to watch her.

And I wondered……is she just being curious and sniffing to see what is…..or is she appreciating them as a pleasant thing?



An Artistic Centrepiece

IMG_4306 (2)


Soft, white cushion base;

Random bursts of purple “stars,”

Elegance in glass.



Sometimes after wedding reception parties are done, the bride or the bride’s mother will ask to have the floral centrepieces given to them, or else they are given to guests to take home. And sometimes there are a handful of centrepieces that are simply left behind.

On such occasions, we are given the opportunity to take home a centrepiece to extend the enjoyment of these beautifully arranged pieces.

See the pretty one that was given to me from yesterday’s wedding?

Wonderful white hydrangea blooms with those lovely blue/purple flowers popped in here and there.  And I just found out that these lovely purple flowers are orchids!

I admire the simplicity and elegance in this design – kudos to the florist who made them!

The glass vase I will eventually return to my workplace; however, in the meantime I have something lovely to look at for a few days.


IMG_4334 (3)

Mystery Insect

IMG_2609 (2)


You hear the buzzing,

Fast wing beats; it seeks nectar.

And look — it’s orange!




There are two of us working in the garden….weeding and hoeing and trimming. ¬†At one point we stopped to take a breather and admire the flowers that were blooming.

We could see the busy butterflies, delicately perching on purple or blue flowers here and there in the search for delicious nectar.

We could hear the hum of sound created by several bumble bees, moving along purposefully from flower to flower for their share of nectar and, of course, pollen.

Then Ryan, my gardening partner, spied something¬†unusual. ¬†At first he thought it was a really tiny hummingbird, as it seemed to fly and hover similar in that style. ¬†It was hard to get a really good glimpse of it, so I pulled out my phone to snap some shots to help us with identification. ¬†As we observed its movements, it eventually became clear that it WASN’T a hummingbird but another type of insect. ¬†And the photos seem to support that idea.

As both Ryan and I have never seen such an insect before, I decided to post some photos of it on my blog and see if any of my readers might be familiar with it and could enlighten me as to its identity.

IMG_2612 (2)

IMG_2618 (2)

Any ideas???



Unclaimed beauty



Wedding Centrepiece;

Clusters of hydrangea blooms,

Sweet-smelling roses.



At last week’s catering, there were some unclaimed floral centrepieces. ¬†Some of the guests remembered to take theirs, and some were left behind.

They looked beautiful in square glass vases at the centre of each dining table.

I was offered an unclaimed bouquet to take home as a present…..but without the glass vase. The vases belong to the restaurant. ¬†I found a new, clear plastic bag that was big enough to hold a bouquet gently in its folds without squeezing a petal.

When I arrived back home, I pulled out the bouquet from the plastic bag and found a suitable glass vase for it.  Filled almost to the top with fresh water, I placed the bouquet in the formation it seemed to want to stay.  Monochromatic beauty.  White hydrangeas with five good-sized, cream-coloured, gently sweet-scented roses tucked in as well.

Inhaled deeply and slowly. ¬†Ahhhh…….the whisper of a joyful wedding wish.



Exquisite Beauty in the Ordinary


Triangular buds

Encircled by white flowers;

Artistic detail.


Who would have thought that the flowers of garlic chives could look so intricately detailed and, if you choose to look closer, finely formed and shaped….and all so tiny! ¬†I was out in my garden yesterday, camera in hand, and in search of botanical treasures of all kinds. ¬†I took several hundred photos – as per the usual, haha! – and will narrow the selection down to post on my blog, but for now I picked this one, highlighting the ordinary garlic chive (allium tuberosum)…..which, the longer I gazed upon it and snapped shot after shot (changing aperture, f-stop, ISO as I experimented with my camera), the more I felt drawn into admiring the smallest of details that nature has put into its creation. ¬†Absolutely beautiful!

Phlox Paniculata


Flowers in August

Two-tone pink; they grow so tall

With more tiny buds!

157 161

These pink phlox paniculata have grown in my garden for many years now. ¬†They are one of my most favourite flowers, and I look forward to their cheerful faces every year! ¬†The original single plant has grown into a more bushier bunch. ¬†Haha! ¬†The pink makes them “jump out” in the midst of the lush greenery.

Cheery Clover!

269 (3)

Along roads and fields,

Delicate pink balls abound;

Food for animals.


Note: ¬†When our family used to have a lovely dwarf, grey rabbit as a pet, it was fun to go outside along our country road and pick clover flowers as a special treat to give to her. ¬†It didn’t matter when we gave them to her, she would instantly sniff and then, with gusto, gobble them up! ¬†ūüôā