Tourist Moments #2

Street art always intrigues and fascinates me!

It’s on such a large scale, and I wonder how it was done….the equipment, the supplies, what kind of paint….and the quantity needed.

And how the artist’s perspective and skill comes into play to make the artwork “jump out.”

For this tourist moment I am highlighting some street art that I saw in the town of Vestmannaeyjar on the Icelandic island, Heimaey, when I was there last May.

This painting of the young albeit BIG child playing with a fishing vessel in the harbour can be seen along the side of one of the harbour buildings.

So, it’s the harbour with a real boat, perhaps to depict the island’s main industry of fishing.  Since the water isn’t deep, it seems to resemble one of those water play areas for children or perhaps just a big puddle in which the child is playing.

Fun for the imagination!







In this next one….




…..attached to a wall in the more residential part of town, I noticed this large mural of a fancy dressed puffin. So, perhaps this is on a government building?  I don’t know.  However, I did learn that puffins are Iceland’s national bird and that Icelanders promote the puffin’s image in all kinds of things.   And you can imagine the puffin’s popularity in souvenir shops!

And just so you can see what I mean, look at this street directional sign…..for the post office, the bank, and so on.  Friendly puffins to help guide your way.  🙂




A Soundtrack that infused so much “atmosphere” into this space movie

Yup, I am a movie buff.

Except I don’t know if that really describes it well enough.

It’s more of a deeper, in-depth appreciation of movies and the work that goes into the making of them. I have been fascinated about the process…..for years! Always those questions, how do they create that….the sets……the stunts……the music? So MUCH work can be put into a 2-hour film. So much that we as viewers don’t know.

It’s been an exciting journey to see the progression over the years….from times when one could only see a new movie in the cinema and then have to wait a few years before it showed up on TV as an evening featured movie – which is why I tended to buy the novels of my favourite movies in order to read and re-read them, so I could keep the memory of them alive and fresh in my mind.

Then came videos! That opened up a whole new world of getting to view favourites again….and sooner! And as often as one liked!

Okay, that there…..was heaven on earth! ^_^

And then VHS moved towards DVDs…..AND then came movies with the option of seeing background footage, deleted scenes, makings-of, and excerpts of the creators at work.

At that point I was in bliss!

Whenever I saw mention of BONUS MATERIAL, the excitement would be heightened in the watching of a movie on DVD. AND to make extra mention of those films where an incredible amount of detailed work was put into that material for the fans to enjoy – not all DVDs bonus material was at the same level of depth – but usually for the ones my kids and I loved.

Take the movie “Interstellar” for example. Mind you, we were Chris Nolan fans at this point, and even so, Interstellar took us for a humdinger of a ride!

Even though we are keenly aware of the amount of work that went into the making of that film, on occasion we still find something to boggle our minds once again, which brings me to this youtube clip that my lads just found about the process of the creation of the distinctive soundtrack……AND the organ and incredibly skilled organ player who took it to the next level – OMG! Absolutely cool and amazing!!


Little Brother



White sphere, grey blotches;

Suspended in the night sky,

Our closest neighbour.




For so many people the moon holds endless fascination.  Songs have been written and stories and poems in honour of our “little brother,” our closest celestial friend in the vastness of space.

I have enjoyed late evening walks on moonlit nights and have often gazed for lengthy moments at this ever silent friend of ours.

So, when recently it was circulating in social media and the news about the supermoon happening – an occurrence which takes MANY years to happen again and again – of its location in orbit when it comes closest to earth’s proximity, I was curious to see what i could capture on camera.  Others with their hi-tech equipment captured impressive close-up shots of the moon.  I was inspired!

On Nov. 15th, with my humble little CANON Powershot camera (it has a zoom, which my other DSLR CANON doesn’t have), I managed quite a nice photo of our moon.  I am pleased with the result.

I have to confess that however pretty this supermoon was, it still seemed mostly the same size to me.

Perhaps I will put it on my laptop wallpaper for a while…where it will appear to me so much closer.

Hello, little brother!


Have you seen this?

I just discovered this video via my son’s friend.

It’s a new kind of sport that I’ve never seen before.

As I was watching, I found the flow of the game to be fascinating and impressive; the incredibly intense skill level required by the athletes.

I kept thinking, “WOW!!!”



The agility and strength and flexibility – AMAZING!

This is definitely an entertaining sport to watch.

I don’t know the name of it, do you?


Never The Same Show Twice

A sunset today;

Breath-taking, and notice it’s

All new tomorrow.



This first photo was taken on March 12th….and….


….this second one was taken on March 13th.

I find it endlessly fascinating how I can be on the same highway roughly around the same hour on two subsequent days, and the sunsets are equally spectacular and also uniquely different.

Variety comes with the cloud formations and other lesser seen atmospheric factors.

And how that can change the mood of those sky paintings!






Taking cycling to new heights….literally.


This video clip is just a portion of the film, and it’s enough to give you a good idea on his adventure.  Setting goals……to see how far he can push himself.

I have seen parts of this before, and I am enthralled every time I watch it.

It’s fascinating, exciting, and so cool! Using bicycles in new and different ways….the incredible control needed to navigate narrow paths at dizzying heights as well as moving from say rock to rock with a well-placed bike “jump” or changing direction in a smooth 45 degree angle….not to mention the fence twirl!  Imagine the hours upon hours of training to achieve that finely tuned skill level.

Breath-taking views and a super physical challenge!