“Will you share with me?”



Completely at ease;

Perched on my purse; treat in hand,

You don’t mind, do you?




I can only be filled with admiration at the audacity, charm, and cuteness of this little furry friend I saw a couple of days ago.

I was almost done my work at the cottage I was cleaning and had already brought supplies onto the porch, along with my water bottle and purse.  The last thing to do was finish mopping the floor.

It wasn’t long before I heard the distinctive sounds of my chipmunk friend coming to check me out.

I learned something new that day.  And I shouldn’t be surprised….really.  My chipmunk friend has a tremendously keen nose. After coming up the stairs and investigating a bit, it crawled up on my purse which I had left open by about four inches, leaned in, tore off some pieces from my apple inside, sat on top of my purse, and munched quite happily on it. Did this a few times.




It could smell the tempting scent of my fresh apple – which was intended to be my after-work snack – from a good distance away.

Funny thing was,  I’d forgotten that I had put an apple into my purse when I left for work, and the way the chipmunk was holding its hands together while eating, it looked more like it was eating nuts. Which puzzled me, because I definitely remembered not having any nuts in my purse!

It wasn’t until after the chipmunk continued on its purposeful way, that I looked inside my purse and found the food source!

Feels good to have shared with my little furry friend.  And yes, I DID finish eating the apple.  Haha!

Hmm….I’m thinking claw scrape marks?  As the munching was done while sitting on its haunches outside and on my purse, keeping a steady eye on me.






And a few more photos….of its arrival and just hanging out…..



IMG_2272 (2)






And then on its merry way again….




Until next time, Chippy!  ❤






Tourist Moments #1

As I was looking through photos, an idea came to me!

What if I put together small groupings of photos from travelling as little highlighted tidbits – I tend to take LOTS of pictures and that would make ONE enormous post!

Not that I would do that.  Fill one post with 500 some photos, I mean.   But, you know, the mind gets these funny notions sometimes.

It’s not a new idea, as I have seen other blogging friends highlight a trip to a heritage site, for example, and included several photos to accompany the writing.

Except it’s a new thing for my blog.

And I would call them Tourist Moments…..inspired by the television shorts that I used to see several years ago, called “Canadian Heritage Moments.”

I’ll see how it goes!


And to start things off, how about….

Light Rail Trip in Copenhagen; May 2016

During our brief trip to Europe last spring, my husband, daughter, her boyfriend, and I took a little trip to a more central part of Copenhagen by taking the light rail system.

This is the Bella Center station…


As we got closer, my attention was momentarily directed at this apartment building situated on the other side of the canal – understandably – due to the bright green colours along its side.


When I zoomed in closer at the bottom level, I noticed the sign that read, “Klinik for Fodterapi.”


I smiled because I was able to figure out what this place was – a clinic for Foot Therapy!

Also, you will see another view of this green building….further down.


Here is the view from the one end of the platform


Getting our tickets….


We were boarding at Bella Center – it’s highlighted on the train map – and getting off again at Kongens Nytorv to go for a walkabout and see some of the older parts of Copenhagen.




This light rail train system looked so clean and modern.


As you can see, trains come through around approximately every 5 minutes.  Here, Vanlöse is the end station in the direction we were headed.


While we were waiting for our train to arrive, and as I was looking around, I noticed this cool street art design along the lower wall.

Do you see how the pattern changes, looking from right to left, and how the deer is moving in the light forest part, moving more and more into the darker forest part.


And here is that green apartment building again – as seen from higher up – it’s eye-catching from any level!

I like how they jazzed up this building in that fashion.




And finally a glimpse into what the inside of the train looks like – again, clean and modern…..and look!  People bring their bikes along, too!  Cool!

Another Music Discovery

However much Facebook CAN – if you let it – open up a bigger global community to its users, I have found that blogging has widened my horizons tenfold.

Every time I work at posting my own writing and photography, I also read and look at what other creative people – world-wide – bring to the global community….and I am continuously astounded and amazed, enthralled and….that also includes educated as well.

As a result of exploring what some of my followers are up to – and I am constantly meeting NEW people all over the world as well! – I discovered this gem of a music video…just today… by Jain (whom I didn’t know) and her song “Makeba.” I had posted on Facebook about learning of Miriam Makeba a couple of months ago, which included a youtube link to one of Miriam’s well-known and much-loved songs, “Pata Pata.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Jain’s tribute to Miriam Makeba in an effort to bring this woman’s music and civil rights activist work to a newer, younger generation.

Have a look! 😀


Click here to see the original blog post published by Slippery Edge, featuring a background story to go with Jain’s music video.

I also searched out a youtube link to the same music video by Jain…



And if you are also interested, the following is the youtube link of Miriam’s song, “Pata Pata.”

My interest in Miriam Makeba was re-kindled , when by mere chance I heard her song being played a couple of months ago on a French Canadian radio channel, and it brought a flood of memories back for me, because I used to hear that song a lot when I was quite young, and I always loved it.





Looking for Puffins



Cute little faces,

Well-adapted to their homes;

The much-loved puffins!




The Puffin – Iceland’s National Bird

These photos were taken on my very brief introductory visit to Iceland in May of this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and am keen to go visit there again!

As part of a guided day-trip from Iceland via ferry to the island of Heimaey in the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago, included was a bus tour around the island with a side stop to where the puffins and several other seabirds have some of their nesting grounds.



I brought two cameras with me, one of which had a small built-in zoom.  For the landscape views I used my regular DSLR.  Then depending on how the visibility would be for finding puffins and capturing some photos of them, I ended up relying on the other smaller camera for that.  As you will see, they were quite a distance away, so the zoom came in handy!


Smack dab in the middle of this photo, you can see a small white dot.  Yes, that’s the puffin.  And I’m standing right up against a fence, which you will see further down.


Here you can see it more distinctly, sitting on what looks like a precarious spot along the edge.

Needless to say, even after this shot, I realized that I would have to try the smaller camera to zoom in better and get more close-up photos, like the first two in this post.

Except that didn’t automatically ensure perfect photos, because, as our tour guide explained to us, we were on the “windiest part of all of Iceland.”

I took as many photos as I could – many of which were blurred – because the wind kept bustling my camera around, so my hands were more shaky than steady. There were even more advanced birders and photographers on this trek, who brought their HUGE cameras with LONG lenses…..tripods, too, I guess. But even so, I’m sure the wind was giving them a challenge as well


This was the path to follow, towards the cliffs…..to where we might find the birds.


An amazing view!


On the right side is the fence we could use as our guide to hike further down the path, and I suppose, to preserve the distance between us and the puffins.


I went just a little further down from where I’m standing as I took this photo, and I think all those people below just went to that edge and then turned back.


Taken from a little further down and quite near the edge……with the fence nearby to keep us safe.


Ice in the Hole


Temperatures drop.

Clear icy layer fills in;

Odd-looking  globules.



On my afternoon walk today, the wind felt quite brisk.  I had dressed warmly enough and was thankful for the sunshine, too.

The farmers have prepared all the crop fields for their winter’s rest.  So many trees stand bare.   Waiting.  Anticipation.  They will sport the glistening icicles, whilst the conifers get to wear the white dresses.

The road was dry and clear, and I almost missed this frozen indentation.  As soon as I saw it and how it formed so strangely, I wanted to share this discovery.  It was the only spot on this road that retained some water . Right up to the edges of the hole and,  even with its unusual layers and bits, was still strong enough to withstand the warmth from today’s sunshine.

I also like how the one leaf is caught up in the ice embrace.

And this is a broader view of the road and where the hole was found.



The Fox – Smart and Beautiful


Nimble and graceful,

A hunter of diverse skills;

Tends to stay hidden.


Almost a month ago, on my afternoon walk, I came across the dead body of a fox off to one side of the country road.  It looked to have been hit by a passing vehicle.

As I gazed upon its still body and wondered what its life had been like….growing up and romping around through its home terrain, and hunting for its prey…..I thought back to a week-long trip I had taken with my youngest son in 2011, almost the same time again in end of August, to Prince Edward Island – a lovely island province in Canada about a full day’s drive east from where I live.

My son and I had rented a small cottage for a week and had taken daily trips to various places on the island for exploring….some beaches and other sights.  One day as we headed for the Rustico Beach area, as I was driving along the road, I noticed up ahead a couple of other vehicles that had stopped and I wondered what had grabbed the drivers’ attention.  We soon found out….


A calico-looking fox!  Leisurely crossing the road….and then….


….we could see two more.  I had stopped the car to watch, just as the others had.  With no car engine noise and our windows down, we just enjoyed watching the foxes.  Certainly not like the always hiding foxes that live around our area….no, these foxes seemed quite familiar with cars going through their territory and feeling comfortable enough to check the people out as well.


This one came up fairly close, and we checked each other out….calmly and quietly.


Then he moved a bit further and decided to hang out some more…..

108 113

Do those dog-like things like relaxing on the ground…..scratching some itchy spots….


And having another look in our direction.

That was SO COOL!  I had never seen foxes in the wild so close-up before!  It felt incredibly thrilling to have had such an encounter.

Such a smart and beautiful animal with its handsome face and orange, black, and white fur markings.


Exquisite Beauty in the Ordinary


Triangular buds

Encircled by white flowers;

Artistic detail.


Who would have thought that the flowers of garlic chives could look so intricately detailed and, if you choose to look closer, finely formed and shaped….and all so tiny!  I was out in my garden yesterday, camera in hand, and in search of botanical treasures of all kinds.  I took several hundred photos – as per the usual, haha! – and will narrow the selection down to post on my blog, but for now I picked this one, highlighting the ordinary garlic chive (allium tuberosum)…..which, the longer I gazed upon it and snapped shot after shot (changing aperture, f-stop, ISO as I experimented with my camera), the more I felt drawn into admiring the smallest of details that nature has put into its creation.  Absolutely beautiful!

A Little Zeppelin Humour….


I always enjoy coming across those unexpected discoveries, especially if they are creative, cute, funny….where someone has put some extra thought into it.

My husband and I were walking along a main street in the town of Perth, Ontario, on our way to an anniversary dinner, when we spotted this store, tucked in among various others.  One of my husband’s favourite songs – back in his DJing days – is the classic Led Zeppelin song to which this sign refers.  It’s also a BIG favourite of mine….spanning back from the days of attending dances where that song ALWAYS was the finishing last song of the night.

When my sons, in their teen years, “discovered” the collection of music by the band and enthusiastically embraced it by listening to it, playing to it, learning more in-depth about it, and sharing all that knowledge with me, I had the chance to expand my previously limited understanding of the band and their influential music.  I am glad for that added education from my kids.  We continue to be keen and enthusiastic fans of Jimmy, John, John Paul, and Robert.

Photography Assignment


I recently joined a photography group on facebook, and they put out weekly assignments to keep group members looking at things and exploring in new ways.  It’s my first week there, and it feels like a good fit, because I enjoy looking at things differently with my camera.  Generally, I can come up with my own ideas, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else toss out suggestions.

So, as I was exploring about the house today, I looked at a store-bought cookie tray at one point…..and  I had the thought to pick up an empty food storage container and take it from a different angle. Played with that until I put it in a different location as well, where the pattern of the tablecloth suddenly gave me an idea…. 🙂

That’s why, for me, photography is a never-ending source of discovery and fun.  And that’s just with my basic DSLR camera.  Back in the day of using film, I had some extra lenses to experiment with on my SLR camera (zoom and wide-angle), but I don’t have those available, nor filters.  And photoshop is still on the back burner.  🙂  For now, though there is much to still explore with varied lighting, speeds, black and white, and sepia options.