It’s a bird, it’s a plane….no, it’s a person flying!




Now THAT’S flying!!

Maybe even feel like a superhero!



A friend of mine commented on my facebook post (where I originally shared it), saying that her sister was there when this was taking place and recorded her own footage of this exciting occasion.  And her sister is a former jet ski racer…as is the guy doing the flying in this clip.

I suppose that jet ski racing comes in handy as training for going to this kind of flying activity.

It sure looks like fun!


(NOTE:  Video is shared from the Autodynamics facebook page)




For All My Friends on WordPress…



It’s been exciting and fun with all of my WordPress friends this year – learning new things and getting to know some of you more, sharing stories and photos from our parts of this beautiful world.

Thank you so much!

Michaela  ❤

Taking cycling to new heights….literally.


This video clip is just a portion of the film, and it’s enough to give you a good idea on his adventure.  Setting goals……to see how far he can push himself.

I have seen parts of this before, and I am enthralled every time I watch it.

It’s fascinating, exciting, and so cool! Using bicycles in new and different ways….the incredible control needed to navigate narrow paths at dizzying heights as well as moving from say rock to rock with a well-placed bike “jump” or changing direction in a smooth 45 degree angle….not to mention the fence twirl!  Imagine the hours upon hours of training to achieve that finely tuned skill level.

Breath-taking views and a super physical challenge!



The Liebster Strikes Again! Haha!

It’s been a few weeks, but the sense of surprise and joy and thrill is still with me, as I now have a chance to acknowledge this exciting award that my enthusiastic blogging friend, Dottie, has nominated me for in her post, along with four other keen bloggers.  Thank you, Dottie, for this exciting recognition!  This is my second nomination.


liebster award #2; blue, from dottie


Dottie, you gave some wonderfully creative questions!  I hope you enjoy the answers.  🙂

Describe your creative process.

Sometimes I get the idea of the post swirling around in my head until I can write it down, and edit, and re-write.  Sometimes I will be taking photos – most every day there is something that catches my eye and imagination – and then an idea will come to me in connection with the photos, so I sift through those until I have the ones I like best.  Then I meld all that together in photo and writing format.


What was the last thing that made you cry with laughter?

Tricky, this one.  I laugh lots every day.   However, you’re asking “crying with laughter.” I have had moments of laughing so much that tears streamed down my face and my abdominal muscles became sore.  I can say there have been times with my kids and also with my parents, where we just laughed ourselves so silly which included tears.  But I can’t specifically pull out a memory on that one.  


If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My first temptation would be to say….a onesie.  I don’t have one….yet, but I have been seeing people sharing photos of their adult onesies, and they look SO warm and comfy for when you’re at home.  And such variety in the styles as well.  But, then, I’m thinking it’s not practical for being outside and about.  So, in that case, I think I’d go with casual pants and a comfy shirt with short enough sleeves, so my hands and arms would be free from distracting material when in the kitchen, or drumming, or writing, or taking photos.


What’s your wish for mankind?

I always wish what I think so many people would like to see….that everyone achieves happiness, love, peace, prosperity, and great health.  Not so much division where a few control so much and the great majority face unnecessary hardships and harsh struggles.  And I would also like them all to realize that finding their joy and becoming empowered is what can provide the clearer way to better lives, which includes taking full responsibility for their lives.


The desert island question:  what are your 3 must-haves?

Well, I hope the essentials of water and banana trees are covered.  🙂  After that I’d hope to have a couple of books to keep me company (one being a comedy) and a harmonica and a drum.  Music has been a constant companion for me all of my life – something to lean on in down times and something to rejoice in during the up times.  And although a guitar would be more diverse, when the strings give out, then what would I use for replacements?  A drum and harmonica should last a good long time, thereby allowing me to make mouth music via harmonica or via singing whilst drumming.


Share one of your pet peeves.

When people don’t take responsibility for themselves.  For their actions.  For their health.  All part of the mainstream thinking of finding something or someone else to blame, when things aren’t going right or going well.  It’s never anything to do with them.  Excuses galore.  And that mentality where everything needs to be turned into a lawsuit.  Imagine if people would accept their decisions and actions as what they have done and to be accountable for that.  It doesn’t have to be negative.  In fact, ultimately, it becomes empowering and positive.


What’s your idea of the perfect meal?

When everything tastes delicious, and you can tell that the food was prepared with love and a desire to provide the best.  It could be sushi.  It could be a five-course meal.  It could be a main meal salad.  It could be a delectable bowl of chili with fresh-baked biscuits.  It could be beer-battered fish and hand-cut chips that melt in your mouth.   Food that has the kind of flavour that gets your taste buds singing!  🙂


Name your favourite feel-good song.

That’s hard.  I have so many favourites!  But these days I will always break into a smile and get dancing, when I hear Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song.  🙂  That song needed to happen, and I’m glad it did. 


What’s your favourite quote?

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”       – Oliver Wendell Holmes

I first heard that quote during a talk by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I was so intrigued by it that I wrote it down as a keeper quote.  In my experience I find that it definitely applies.


What’s your defining characteristic?

In a world where so many of us share characteristics like being cheerful, being friendly, being helpful, how can you pinpoint a defining one that sets you apart?  Well, I DO love to laugh.  I laugh every day, as there is always much to enjoy in life.  Whether it’s jokes or a funny cartoon or accidentally doing something silly or purposely doing something silly.  Sometimes it’s in the sharing of some amazing moment during an activity with friends or family, or even strangers.  And it’s a defining aspect for me, because consistently over the years, people have said to me that I have a distinguishable laugh……often described as infectious!  They enjoy hearing my laugh.  There have been instances of people crossing the room, an outdoor area – or a hall – to tell me how much my laugh has had a beneficial effect on them.  Hahaha!  And it’s a positive feature, so I’m keeping it.  🙂


What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would divide the money up.  Keep a portion for personal dream fulfillment along with close family needs.  The rest of the money I would try to have set up in such a way as to  create a constant flow of money so that those funds could be donated to various groups who volunteer their services to help others and can use the monetary support for supplies in their various duties and activities.



1.  I love indulging in slow-paced days, where a sense of time evaporates.

2.  I love days filled with things to do and see, as it requires a different energy for those.

3.   Every so often I still try and imagine what it would be like to fly – like a super power – without a plane; just like in my sleep dreams.

4.  I tend to have crushes on my teachers; when I was younger and going to school and even now when I find myself learning new things, like in music.

5.  For most of my life my favourite colour was blue, but for the past four years it’s been purple.  Probably has something to do with having purple strands added to my hair. 🙂

6.  I was given a second chance at delving into great rock legends via my kids, as they grew into their teens.  I had always played them lots of classic rock and pop at home, but in my youth I hadn’t really gone that in-depth with musicians like Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc.; however, as my kids explored all these legends – and in great depth – I got to learn right along with them.

7.  I had a surprise encounter with an exhibitionist in Paris, France…..many, many years ago, when I lived there and worked as an au pair.  🙂

8.  Also, over the years I have become known among my friends as an enthusiastic wearer of band shirts – haha!  I have a diverse collection of various shirts – many of them tie-dye as a base and then band names on them or silhouette images of certain musicians.  Others are black with images on the front and sometimes the back.  Some of them include:  The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Pink Floyd, Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Plus, I also would get shirts of local musicians as a way of showing my support at concerts and in public (more visibility for them).  It probably really got started big-time once I started getting back into music about seven years ago….when I also started going to shows and concerts on a more regular basis.

9.  In the past I was active as a Leader in both the Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, and as some of you may know, Leaders are given fun nicknames by the kids in their groups.  So, with Girl Guides/Pathfinders I became known as Orca  (they actually asked me what name I’d like…. 🙂 ).  And in Scouting, when I started in Beavers, I was given the name of Rainbow, which I kept all the way up to Cubs and Scouts.

10.  In addition to English, which is my main language, I also am fluent in German (my family ancestry) and French.

11.  Finally, I have never lost my love and enjoyment of playing games, whether it’s cards (like Crazy 8s, Solitaire, UNO, Wizard), board games (such as Chess, Settlers of CATAN, Trouble, Alaska, Mole in the Hole), various computer games and video games (Black Ops, Worms, LEGO Racer, Pharaoh).  These days my main games tend to be Scrabble, Mahjong, and Sudoku.



Seeking Romance

Sitting In Your Little Room

Wandering Wives

Poet Rummager



The idea of the award is to recognize and promote new up and coming blogs of a good standard with less than 200 followers (on WordPress).

For anyone new to the Liebster Award this is how it works –

  • In a post – answer the questions that your nominator posted for his/her nominees.
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Make up 11 new fun questions for your nominees.
  • Give some love back to your nominator, include a link back to their blog and their post.
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  • Notify your nominees of their Liebster Award.

Note to Nominees – There is no deadline for this. Please add a link to your new post below when you’re finished. The aim is to raise the profile of your blog.



  1.  What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
  2.  Who has been an inspiration to you?  (Someone personal in your life or someone more famous)
  3.  Where is your favourite place to go, when you want to wind down or re-energize yourself?
  4.  Name five things that make you laugh.
  5.  Where have you travelled?
  6.  What are some of your goals and dreams for 2016?
  7.  Have you ever had an encounter with someone that felt strongly serendipitous?
  8.  Name a blog post you like and why.  (Please add the link)
  9.  What would you say is a weakness of yours?
  10.  Have you had an opportunity to meet a famous person and how did it go?
  11.  What’s your favourite drink?


And my link:  A Natural Model

Another Day of Wonders!

Hello, Friends in this Enjoyable Blogosphere!

Guess what unforeseen and exciting encounter I had on my walk today….

Give up?

Well, yeah, I DID get to see a few new things along the way.

071 132 143 084 (2)

Like, for example, my first Woolly Bear Caterpillar of the season – uh huh….a future Pyrrharctia isabella! Yep, the Isabella Tiger Moth. Who knew that a woolly bear turns into a tiger?? Haha!

And yes, another monarch flitted in front of me…..geez! Still not fast enough to get a pic! Beautiful to watch even so.

Then there was a bird flying above…..just soaring on the wind currents, and I thought at first it might be a hawk or along those lines. I watched until it disappeared further into the sky. And then I walked along some more and saw about 4-5 of them all flying about one of the farms I go past. Then I thought….crows? But they looked more brownish in colour…..??  (A friend suggested to me later that it looked like a turkey vulture.)

One of the tall maples that I always admire on my walk had a little secret to show me. All surrounded by its still lush green leaves was a tiny “pocket” of already-turned reddish leaves – like its own little heart of autumn or its own little red “heart” of leaves.  Isn’t that cool?

HOWEVER, the absolute highlight for me was meeting up with someone new! You just never know what a new day will bring! Soooo exciting! She passed me the first time, as I was walking towards the turnaround point, and we briefly said “hi” and “what a beautiful day!” And my iPhone camera was being slow, so I only got a photo of her backside. Darn, I thought at first. Oh well, but at least I got something to remember the unusual contraption she was riding. Well, but wasn’t the Universe having some fun with me, when I later on spied the same cyclist coming towards me on my return leg of the route!! Haha! Second chance here; not wasting it! Got my iPhone ready for some more pics. And then we ended up having an initial brief chat…..and then she pulled over for a lengthier one! I was some tickled!! Oooooeeee! What a cool way to meet someone, and we fell into conversation easy peasy, like that, and had some laughs already. Yes, yes, you guessed it. We ultimately exchanged phone numbers and will be getting together for a really long visit! Gotta love life and its wonderful gifts!

P.S. Later on I googled a bit to find some more info on recumbent trikes, because that’s what she was riding. Just the coolest thing!