Six Word Story #14



Sky-filled darkened clouds create dramatic expectation!



On my walk last week.

Fascinating how looking to the west at one point sets the mood for something….that pause in the air.  What might happen!

And then 10 minutes further down the road.  I look toward the east, and it’s an entirely different light and mood.




Storm Clouds



I don’t know about you, but this kind of scene always catches my eye.

There is this dramatic feeling.  Created simply by the timing of dark stormy clouds passing over, immediately followed by the bright afternoon sun shining through!

The sky in the background looks like it’s been painted – so dark and ominous-looking; all one cloud cover.  And everything in the foreground is brightly lit up by the sun.  Such a contrast. All the objects seem to jump out more.

I happened to exit off of the highway this past Tuesday when I reached the town of Arnprior, feeling relief that the rainstorm had passed me by, and I was struck by this dramatic-looking scene.  Just the usual main street and traffic lights, but with the dark clouds in the back and the sun shining just so, it looks different from most other days.