A Song With a Story

It’s been almost two months since my boys got me into the world of Spotify.  They are my younger minds with the higher technological bent than I, but I enjoy discoursing with them and learning from them, as my mind tries to keep up as best it can.

They kept nudging me to get on, because they know how much music means to me, and they said that once I got on, I’d be hooked.  And they were right!

It’s like having a CD or vinyl library – as I still have those – but in an online format.  The nice thing is that I can access albums that I have never seen or even knew about.  Spotify covers all genres, so it encourages exploration!  Over the weeks, my Spotify music collection has been growing….with classic oldies and favourites to adding in new artists and songs.

One of the other features of Spotify is called “Discover Weekly.”  I discovered it – haha! – one day, and showed it to one of my sons.  An opportunity for me to give back.  The idea for “Discover Weekly” is that based on the kind of music that a person has put together in their Spotify “library,” a new mixed listing of 30 songs is offered up at the beginning of each  week starting Mondays.  It becomes a personalized offering.  For example, the list that my son gets is completely different from the one I get.  Naturally, although we have some overlap on musicians whom we admire and listen to, we also veer off into our own preferences, so this is a fun feature.  And every “Discover Weekly” brings with it some surprises.  In my case, some wonderful classic oldies that don’t get played on radio anymore and seem to have vanished into the broadcasting archives.

I have had the pleasure of once again listening to songs such as “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams.  Or “I’d like to teach the world to sing” by the Hillside Singers.  It has been a really LONG TIME since I have heard that one.  I was thrilled last week, when the playlist included another old favourite of mine – “The Lonely Bull” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass! And the best part is that I can tag those songs, and they get added to my Spotify library.  Thus they are not lost, and I can listen to them whenever I want to again…..and again.

Which brings me to the song that I found in this week’s offering.  It’s an old song that I remember from the 60s when I was much younger.  I used to hear it on the radio.  It got played a bit in the 70s, too, but then it faded away.  It’s a song that always gives me goosebumps, because of the story told within it.  It’s a sombre story….bittersweet, too, in that it has a positive message….if people will listen.  It always resonated with me.

And so I decided to share it with you.  Some of you may remember it.  For some of you it will be completely new.

Have a listen and see what you think.  Old songs can still touch us.

Here is “One Tin Soldier” by The Original Caste…..interestingly, this youtube version shows an animation to go with it.



Returning to My Walks…



Chilly wind blowing;

Birds chirping; Watching cows…geese,

Time for walks again.



My schedule has finally eased up again, and so I have been looking forward at the prospect of incorporating my daily walks….or almost daily walks, like I did last year.

What discoveries shall I make this year?

Well, it was fun to see the neighbour’s tractor trundling along the path leading to this fenced-in pasture, bringing with it a bucket full of hay.  You should have seen how fast the dairy cows got moving, once they saw the “delivery” truck!  Feeding time!

And before I had arrived at that spot, I was walking past some trees, and there were several birds flitting about among the branches and calling out their songs.  Cheerful and happy and going about their business.  I think I caught sight of a goldfinch…..??



There were two Canada geese couples looking as if they were settling in on one of the farm fields down the road.  I watched them.  They checked me out.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get photos of them.  However, if they ARE making a temporary home there, I hope to see them again on a subsequent walk.

I had the wind blowing into my face on the way back…..even with a jacket on, it felt oh so Brrrrr!!



A Little Zeppelin Humour….


I always enjoy coming across those unexpected discoveries, especially if they are creative, cute, funny….where someone has put some extra thought into it.

My husband and I were walking along a main street in the town of Perth, Ontario, on our way to an anniversary dinner, when we spotted this store, tucked in among various others.  One of my husband’s favourite songs – back in his DJing days – is the classic Led Zeppelin song to which this sign refers.  It’s also a BIG favourite of mine….spanning back from the days of attending dances where that song ALWAYS was the finishing last song of the night.

When my sons, in their teen years, “discovered” the collection of music by the band and enthusiastically embraced it by listening to it, playing to it, learning more in-depth about it, and sharing all that knowledge with me, I had the chance to expand my previously limited understanding of the band and their influential music.  I am glad for that added education from my kids.  We continue to be keen and enthusiastic fans of Jimmy, John, John Paul, and Robert.