Birthday Treat!



Crispy light cover

Crunch, with chilled goodness inside;

Deep-fried ice cream ball!




This was my dessert treat on Saturday evening as part of my birthday celebration.

And not long after savouring that deliciousness, my three band mates and I got up on stage at the open mic to perform several songs.  It was an acoustic set, so in addition to their guitars and lead and back-up vocals, I added in either bongo, cajon, or djembe rhythms (and vocal back-ups as well).   A super fun highlight towards the end of the day.  🙂



NOTE:  One reason why there’s been a lapse in posts on my blog recently…..that whole weekend was quite busy with work and birthday and music activities (three of our family birthdays in one week!).  And since then I’ve been doing catch up on well-wishes, etc.   🙂




Six Word Story #8



Split between friends and sufficiently filling!   😀




One of my girlfriends and I met for lunch this week, and we went to one of our favourite restaurants in town here – Mill Street Crèpe Company.  I think I’ve mentioned it before in a previous post.

We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time, and so we had a lot of catching up to do in conversation.

It was great fun!

And the food was delicious!  As always!

For the main meal we each ordered the special of the day, soup and a slice of quiche.  We hadn’t yet tried their quiche – as we tend to usually order one of their savoury crèpes – so that’s why we picked the special.

It looked like this…




By the time we got to dessert, we decided to split the white chocolate crèpe between us – the photo at the top – and the chef was most accommodating and divided the crèpe for us and added all the decorative touches to maintain the tantalizing presentation.

And as I said, even one half was still wonderfully filling!



Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

In this year’s google images, I picked this one to send out good wishes to all of you, my friends on wordpress.  I love the SPARKLIES!  Hahaha!


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, my  Friends!!!  🙂  I hope you are all enjoying a fun celebration to ring in the next amazing year!  May your dreams come true or get just that much closer to coming true! May you find joy, kindness, and happiness in your every day! May you be in the best health yet! May you find yourself embraced in love and laughter for your next 365-day trip around the SUN!!


And I would like to share with you one particular thing I did to celebrate….

For a unique, new, fun, New Year’s Eve treat….my friend Deborah, Kirby (my husband) and I had a most enjoyable time dining at The Smokehouse Café in Renfrew, Ontario (approximately a 35 min. drive from our town, considering the snowy conditions).

Friends of mine, Bill and Sue and their staff (yay, Jessica!) provided us and another table of three (ladies also from the Almonte area) with a five-course delicious and gourmet meal. Wonderful service and laughs and good conversation as well. This photo shows the dessert – their pretty presentation of their Tiramisu dessert version….amaretto tirami sù with walnut brittle and white chocolate truffle (according to the menu). The chocolate truffle at the bottom of the plate just melted in my mouth – Mmm!, and I LOVED the chocolatey treble clef design on the left (yes, for THAT I licked my plate! Hahaha!). 🙂


I croon for crèpes!


A cloud of whipped cream;

Bundled gently, warm…..Inhale

Berry Maple Crèpe



Yummi-licious!! My Berry Maple dessert crèpe today!

That followed after this scrumptious savoury dish…..


Butternut Squash ‘n Pear Soup with Crème Fraiche and  chopped Walnuts alongside a Roasted Vegetable Crèpe.  Mmmm!

These days it seems that every time I get together with a girlfriend, we end up here!   For fun, good dining, animated conversations, connecting….

  • at Mill Street Crèpe Company, Almonte, Ontario