Waffle Delight!



Belgian waffles,

Topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream;

Plus…maple syrup!




February has been quite a busy month with very little blogging on my part…..sigh.

I plan to remedy that and get back on track for March! ¬†ūüėÄ

Mind you, now starts the also busy maple season, especially at the restaurant where I work and where we offer delicious maple syrup highlighted breakfasts and lunches all through March and April.

Which inspired me to welcome you back……..with this yummy looking dish!

The only thing better would be if I could serve it to you. ¬†‚̧


The Fig Story, Part 2

Yes, true. ¬†The title is a bit misleading. ¬†Considering I didn’t ACTUALLY post The Fig Story (as a part 1). ¬†But you may remember this one from a few weeks ago…..”Tried Something New Again!” ¬†(July 2, to be exact)



In the other post I had photos of fresh figs that I had bought at a grocery store, along with how I came to choose them. ¬†And they were a different variety…..more maroon in colour and shaped as a larger kind of water drop.

Yesterday I happened to stop by that same grocery store, following my music lessons, and I just wanted to pick up a few things. ¬†As I passed by the fresh fruit section, I decided to peek and see if they had the figs in again. ¬†As they aren’t in such high demand, the store only stocks about 4-6 boxes at a time, and there are times in between when I have gone to look and none were there.

My lucky day! ¬†They had a few boxes! ¬†And as I pulled them out from the shelf – they are in such a snug shelving place that you really can’t see much until you pull the whole box out – that’s when I saw these ones! ¬†Definitely figs. Yay! ¬†But quite different from the ones I had been buying before. ¬†They certainly looked more like the figs in photos I had seen in foodie books over the years in terms of colour and shape, as well as in how the dried figs had looked that I had eaten on occasion. ¬†They looked fresh and plump, and so I picked up TWO boxes. ¬†Because I now know that I will gobble up several at a time!

And so I munched gleefully on a few on my drive back home, savouring their texture….AND their lovely sweet flavour!


Ohhhmmmm! What a lovely, tasty treat on a summer’s day!!

And I love looking inside at the seed patterns they have…..once again the imagination gets going….see those white-caped invaders, trying to raid that peaceful village. ¬†They seem to want to break down the wall only in that centre area. ¬†Silly invaders! ¬†ūüôā


Figs are a most delicious fruit, and I am SO glad that I got to discover them even now….in my middle years……so I have many more years to enjoy them. ¬†And it’s never too late to discover yet another new delicious food! ¬†Right?



A Canadian Treat – Maple Syrup Taffy


Taffy on crushed ice,

Tasty, delicious sweetness –

A winter-time treat!


One of my part-time jobs is working at a sugar bush business.  In Canada, with our proliferation of sugar maple trees, there are small and larger maple syrup businesses; many of them family-owned.

During the first two weeks of February¬†there is an¬†annual festival called Winterlude that takes place in Ottawa, Ontario, encompassing the Rideau Canal, which when frozen over, turns into the largest skating rink in the world! ¬†Two other nearby areas are included in the Winterlude fun – Confederation Park, where there are booths and displays as well as a stage for live music performances and an assortment of small and large ice sculptures. ¬†And Jacques Cartier Park, where there are exciting snow-constructed slides for children’s amusement.

We participate each year at Winterlude by setting up our tiny trailer and display booth in Confederation Park and making up fresh batches of taffy and laying them out on freshly crushed ice for people to come and buy as they wander around the park and explore all the nifty things to see and do.

All kinds of people come visit here during Winterlude…..many of them from other parts of Canada or the U.S. and even from other countries…..and they have fun checking out ice sculptures, skating on the canal, looking at special art displays and other interesting things. ¬†Sometimes, when it comes to having some maple syrup taffy, they will chat and tell us that this is their first time to try this sweet treat or else reminisce about their taffy experiences from their childhood.



The above photos show our display area from today’s activity, as well as some of the maple syrup taffies on crushed ice. ¬†As it’s becoming evening, we were slowly starting to clean up our booth area.



Some friends of mine who dropped by today to have some delicious taffy on a popsicle stick. ¬†Looks like they’re enjoying it!



And lastly, two young ladies, who stopped by our booth and bought some taffy to try, as they had never had it before.  It was a big hit!





I croon for cr√®pes!


A cloud of whipped cream;

Bundled gently, warm…..Inhale

Berry Maple Crèpe



Yummi-licious!! My Berry Maple dessert crèpe today!

That followed after this scrumptious savoury dish…..


Butternut Squash ‘n Pear Soup with Cr√®me Fraiche and ¬†chopped Walnuts alongside a Roasted Vegetable Cr√®pe. ¬†Mmmm!

These days it seems that every time I get together with a girlfriend, we end up here! ¬† For fun, good dining, animated conversations, connecting….

  • at Mill Street Cr√®pe Company, Almonte, Ontario