Surprise Visitors!




Moving quietly,

Two deer foraging keenly;

Such gentle creatures.




When I was at a friend’s house last Monday, at one point in the early afternoon, I happened to glance out the window and was treated to the sight of these two lovely, young deer, as they looked about and helped themselves to fresh greens to nibble on.

The presence of my friend’s cat on the outside porch – glancing with curiosity in their direction – didn’t seem to faze them much, other than they took note that the cat was there.

Harmony prevailed.

The deer grazed.

The cat lazed.






Hello, Deer!

IMG_3724 (2)


I was being watched

With curious interest;

I returned the gaze.




On my drive home after finishing work this past Sunday afternoon, I drove with the windows opened a smidge to let the relatively  warmer  outside air blow into the car.

Also savouring the sunshine-bathed view as I looked around, at one point I noticed there was a brownish shape standing among the dried up corn stalks in one of the fields.

Realizing what it was as I drove by, I continued a bit further and then pulled around to go back.  I wanted to have a better look at these four-legged beauties.  There were three of them – two of which you can see in the above photo.

So, I stopped the car, put it into idle, and took my time watching the deer.

Until they moved further into the field.

That was my gift from nature, and I felt grateful.  😀




A few more photos….






When Eyes Meet

IMG_6802 (3)

Up ahead first one deer crossed the road and jumped into the woods.

The roads were slick, so I had been driving quite slowly; I slowed down some more.

Another soon followed, except it didn’t continue as the other one but trotted up along the right shoulder.

Then it darted on down that junction road.

I thought that was it.

I looked left to see if there was movement; if there were any others.

And there it stood.  On the left side.

The third one.  Totally still.  Totally calm.

Taking in the scene……watching.

I stopped my car…..just idling.

Rolled down my window and gazed on that silent sentinel.

I watched its ears turn away….to the side and to back and then back to front.

Keeping tabs on me.  I was totally quiet and still.

Just taking quick pictures.

Who knows how long this will last?

Its eyes glanced left briefly, and then it put its full gaze on me.

What are we thinking as our eyes lock?

I am admiring this beautiful animal.  I feel excited…..beyond thrilled!

What about you, deer?


Mama Plus Two

018 (2)

Around 9 a.m. on Friday morning I was given a most remarkable present!

It was one of those occasional sleeping-in days, and so I was headed for the bathroom upon waking up.  I happened to glance out of the window, which faces into our backyard and saw a flash of light brown.  Some kind of smallish animal?  At first it looked like it was hip-hopping through the grass, so I thought, “ooohhh, a rabbit!”  Then I looked more closely and soon realized the mischievous and rambunctious little one was actually…..a young fawn!

And as fawn #1 kept busy with running and jumping about, then fawn #2 showed up and joined in the fun.  So, two of them were dashing about, running here and there…leaping and prancing.  Full of joyful being!   It wasn’t long before I got to see mama deer show up.  I kept as quiet as I could so as not to make a sound, as I kept peeking out the window for the best view.  I didn’t want to inadvertently alert the mother and disturb the family in their play time.

I managed to get a couple of photos of them, and one of my friends said to me (later on) that it looked as if mama decided to pose with her little ones especially for me….and how lucky I was to be able to see this.  I truly felt lucky!

I have seen deer before, often by the roadsides, either when avoiding collisions with them or even just to watch them moving about in the meadows and fields.  However, this was the first time ever for me to see a mama and her young in such a fairly close up and visible way. And in this instance, It seemed to me like one mama was sharing the joy of her kids with another mama who’s been there, too. I felt such joy for her.  One of those thrilling, happy moments.  And I couldn’t have asked for a better present!