Of Grasshoppers and Spiders

047 (2)

So nimble-legged

Hopping here, there…..leaping high!

Landing calm and sure.

055 (2)

This web acrobat

Floating, repelling, spinning…

Trapping its dinner.


On my walk yesterday I was treated to several insect encounters – it was just that kind of a day!  🙂

A friendly grasshopper hopped on over into my path, and we checked each other out. I got close enough – yes, for photos! haha! – but also I could see his head tilt a bit, as if he was wondering about this HUGE creature near him!

In the butterfly category, I had my wish answered! I have been wanting to see more monarchs, as I am aware of environmental influences on their numbers along with the incredibly long migration routes they tackle every year. I got to see one briefly in the evening a few days ago, but I kept feeling there should be more.

So yesterday four of them fluttered alongside me, at different points along the route. One even “danced” with me! Took me for a twirly spin, as I followed it. Hahaha! None of them landed anywhere for a good photo op, but it felt great just to see them!

I have seen other “flutterbys” on my walks – yellow and white ones – but I REALLY wanted to see more monarchs.

Diverging from the insects to arachnids….an eight-legged spider that I found on the windowsill – I gently captured and took it outside. When I released it, it started climbing along some grasses, and it was in no hurry.


On My Daily Walk….Yesterday

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Yes, it’s become my daily walk and not necessarily always at the same time.  It can be mornings or early evenings (like in these photos I took from yesterday’s walk).  I started this new form of exercise in the first week of June and I plan on keeping it going, because it no longer feels like an exercise that I need to do as my goal….but more of a fun new activity that I look forward to and don’t want to miss doing and now can’t imagine NOT doing – hahaha!

Primarily, I walk along two country roads, the bigger one being paved.  There are uphill and downhill parts on both of them, so that adds a bit of “extra work” as well.

I was loving the sunshine on my face and arms as I walked along at my usual good, comfortable, steady pace.  And as I was facing homeward bound again, that’s when I paid more attention to the clouds in the sky and really noticed that darker cloud.  I liked that “heavier” looking cloud that still somehow seems to be so light in the sky.  And I liked how the rows in the field showed up distinctly.  So, I stopped and took a few pictures.  Interesting isn’t it, when you look just a smidge to the right, which is the next picture in sequence…and even though the dark cloud is still in the sky to the left (outside of the frame), you wouldn’t know or think it was there just looking at the second picture.  All the clouds are white, and the sky is blue.


This third picture I took going closer to the edge of the left side of the road, mostly because I love the sight of these grasses with the lighter beige tufts that always invite me to fan my hand over their softness…..as well as run my hands through the soft ferny ground cover right at the edge of the sandy shoulder, running along the right edge of those taller grasses.  Adds some tactile exploration….and fun!

From time to time occasional birds – red-winged blackbirds and sparrows and bobolinks and mourning doves, among others – briefly perch along the hydro lines, and we check each other out.

Interestingly, every walk is never quite the same….different clouds, occasional rain sprinkles or little “showers,” total cloudiness, breezes or barely breezy, and the haying in certain fields, and the slowly growing taller of the corn crops in other fields.

Sure is peaceful and calm.