My goodness!  It’s been a few weeks since I posted last.

It’s been an incredibly busy time with various other activities claiming my attention.  But I’ve missed blogging.  So, I return with the most recent photography assignment with the topic of “Signs.”  Two of them you may recognize from previous fairly recent blogging posts.

Oh well.  Some are worth repeating, right?

These are my four submissions:

Signs #1 – (taken a month ago)

I thought I’d start my submissions with this piece…..er, tree with peace.






Signs #2 – (taken in March 2017)

Someone was being creative and having a sense of fun!

If you like, you can see my original blog post with it here to read more about where I discovered this sign.






Signs #3 – (taken in April 2017)

As some of you may know, Canada celebrated its 150th birthday recently – 11 days ago – and there were things that popped up here and there even months before the big day…..to get people into that birthday spirit.

I’m sure some of you will recognize the wrapper for a familiar chocolate treat. When I saw this on the convenience store shelf, I couldn’t resist! Haha!

Yep…..I gobbled it up. Right after I took the picture. 🙂







And to finish off, here is another one with a touch of humour….to give you a chuckle.

It seems this one is always a bit of a favourite!

Signs #4 – (taken Nov. 2014)

This facetious sign is posted above the washrooms area at The Cove Country Inn in Westport, Ontario, Canada. I was there one evening to go see some friends of mine giving a smaller and intimate concert there. Lovely time!

And, as well, if you would like to read the original blog post which featured this photo, you can find it here .


Men to the left because Women.....my photo Nov. 8, 2014



Picnic Table with a Creative Touch

My husband – a leader –  is taking part at a Scouting camp this weekend in a beautiful park called Wesley Clover Park in Nepean, Ontario.

He needed my help today, as he had left something important back at home.  Texted me in the afternoon.

It’s only about a half hour drive away, so I decided to combine the delivery to the camp with a couple of other stops as well.

When we met up near the front entrance to the park, he showed me this unusual picnic table.  Not only quite large, compared to usual picnic tables, but this one is made of big log pieces, made nice ‘n smooth and comfortable for sitting.  Plus, at both ends are charming animal carvings for that added artistic touch.




Here, a well-textured bear…




And at the other end, a busy woodpecker!




A view of the woodpecker’s back….




And finally, a full view of the whole picnic table, complete with roof…..





LEGO says “I Do”

LEGO isn’t just

For building ships, castles, trucks.

Oohh!  Wedding decor!



Ms. LEGO bride and Mr. LEGO groom exchange rings and say “I do.”




Note:  At a wedding event that I worked this past August – for the daughter of some friends of mine – I was able to take some photos of the decor before the ceremony started, which took place in the garden outside.

In our family we are huge LEGO fans!  Along with books and puzzles and a variety of other educational toys, we played daily with our LEGO blocks and pieces as the children were growing up.  Yes, the adults, too!  So, naturally, anything LEGO I tend to notice right away.  Like this wedding cake decor, for example.  Such a charming, whimsical touch.

Also, there were little LEGO figurines placed all along the fireplace mantle as well…





My curiosity was piqued as to the reason behind these LEGO additions.  The answer was revealed during the speeches portion of the reception, when the bride’s brothers highlighted one of their stories with reference made to their LEGO collection, which apparently was considered quite large until….compared to the groom‘s own “even larger” LEGO collection.  Haha!


For the Love of Tumbling Dominoes!

You know you can’t resist!

There’s something about tumbling dominoes that captures the imagination, and some people have such a passion for it that they will spend a lot of time on design and construction of an intricate and short-lived domino falling spectacle.

Check this one out!!  It is COOL!!

Watch this link and be amazed!  It features a creation by Hevesh5.

Here’s an image for you to see…..to entice you.


That Temporary Solution



I wonder if this type of creative solution idea, using “that-always-handy” duct tape, ever made it into a book about 1,001 uses for duct tape?

My daughter, Sonja, showed up at our place about a week ago, and we all admired her inventiveness for this temporary dilemma with the trunk of her car.

Sonja had come up with a handyman’s…..er, handywoman’s…..solution, when she was rear-ended on Labour Day Monday (Sept. 5th). No one was hurt in this three-car fender bender. The truck at the end of the line – a 1978 Ford F150 – was attempting to stop, but just at that moment his brake lines broke (which were rusted out, as was later determined by the police officer writing up the report). So he had no means to stop successfully. He bumped into the truck in front of him – driven by one of his good friends, (eek!) – who then had just enough momentum to bump into Sonja’s Ford Fusion’s back end (she had stopped behind a car waiting to turn left into a parking lot).

Not enough bumper crunching, so the trunk could still be closed….and yet enough of an awkward bending so that the hooking bit wouldn’t latch the trunk to shut completely snug.

So, she found a temporary way to reinforce that trunk, at least until she could get to her collision repair service guys near her home…..by the next business day.

Gotta love duct tape!  It’s helped us in a pinch on more than one occasion.


Melodic Rhythms – Introducing Hang Drums

Today a friend posted a video clip of a person using mallets and playing a tank drum, and it has a light and whimsical sound to it.  It’s such a fascinating instrument!

I added to the conversation by including a video clip that I have saved for a couple of years, ever since I was introduced by a different friend to the sounds of HANG drums.  I am including the clip for you to look at….and see for yourself what you think.

It still captivates me, watching the two musicians playing their two hang drums and creating lovely rhythms and beautiful, rich tones. So imaginative in composition…..and it gets your body moving along with it…. and such lightness of touch in the playing!

Unique Mailboxes #2



Quiet country lane,

A honey of a mailbox!

Do they sell some, too?



On a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, as I was driving the back roads up to White Lake, I spotted this cute little, yellow mailbox.  As I took pictures of it, I wondered how many times I had driven by this spot and NOT noticed this eye-catching mailbox before!    Haha!  I have to confess – many times!


Then there’s this one that a friend mentioned to me last Sunday, so I went looking for it on my drive back home FROM White Lake.


This fish looks surprised!

Instead of worms, it gets mail;

Just biding its time….



It’s fun to see how creative people can be with their mailbox designs!

Mail delivery workers must get to see a great variety of inventive boxes, don’t you think?


If you missed my first post on Unique Mailboxes (posted June 16, 2016), please click here





The Reflection Perspective

Oh, what would it be like if there weren’t reflective surfaces in our world?

Our world would still be beautiful and fascinating, except it would be missing that one extra perspective that allows us to see things we are familiar with in a whole new way.

Yay for the mirrors of many sizes and shapes, designed for many uses!  Yay for calm waters in lakes and ponds and rivers that create a view that is regular and upside-down irregular all at the same time, thereby creating wondrous symmetical illusions!  Yay for the tall buildings with reflecting glass windows, so that instead of just seeing rows and rows of windows, we can glimpse at flipped versions of tall buildings nearby!

Earlier today I submitted a photography assignment that included these three photos, and the theme was reflections.  I picked them for having  different reflecting components.  All of them allow us to see a daily thing with a creative twist.

The first one is the side mirror on my car, which generally is used to see traffic behind me while driving or passing.  Here, I used it to show the OTHER side of a road near my home…..opposite to the direction I was headed.  And it’s inverted as well.




In this second one I had the help of the small Mississippi River that runs through the town of Almonte, Ontario, and was particularly calm on this early morning in July.  Such water mirrors transform what we are able to see everyday, but adding intrigue and extra beauty to the shoreline  symmetry in them.



Late last summer I had the opportunity for a brief one-day stay in Vancouver, B.C., and took a Hop On Hop Off sightseeing bus that drove all through the city.  Wonderful sights of the harbour and city park and stores and streets and museums abounded.   Variations in architecture, too.  And there were several buildings with reflective window glass.  This one shows almost a whole other building in its window reflection.




The Man in the Desert Who Creates Land Art in Caves

I just came across the following link – an Oscar-nominated documentary (a bit over 30 minutes long), titled “Cave Digger.” The film focuses on this man doing his unique, creatively artistic, amazing work…..mostly just because he loves doing it.

Click on the link below, so you can meet Ra Paulette, who has been digging these types of caves for 20 years!