The Mirror “Selfie”

Canon Selfie with Mirror - Sept. 2, 2013

As people get used to seeing me…..often……haha!
Especially my kids! They have been photographed, I don’t know how many gazillion times! I loved capturing the fun moments, the explorations, the surprises, the creativity in their play (with LEGO, etc.). Lots of great memories! And well, yes, I take lots of other people and things……musician friends, sights, the beauty in nature, and more…

I posted this on facebook in Sept. 2013, and a friend tonight managed to search it out, as we were comparing mirror selfies.  Haha!  He had taken one of himself, and when I mentioned that I had also done that some time ago, he went looking and found it.  The one he took of himself turned out good; however, we noticed that both of us did manage to snip a bit off of the top of our heads.  And that’s trickier to compensate for, when your eye isn’t looking through the viewfinder.

Mirror selfies are fun, too, as you can see backwards writing of words, as in this case……CANON.  Or should I say, NONAC…..haha!