Flights of Imagination

Ahhhh…..where the imagination goes off to, when you’re given a glass of white wine late on a Monday night, while your son decides to play a game on the xbox 1.
Looking through the glass at the TV screen……ooooeeeeoooo!




Photo #1 – Funky pattern – mostly thick lines of varying colours reflected in the wine glass….



Photo #2 – Ooohhh….a stormtrooper. And looking through just the glass, the images are clear…..



Photo #3 – Going for the image of the stormtrooper from the screen to show up through the wine in the glass.
See it?



Rainbow Daisies on my Birthday!


A floral rainbow!

Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple,

And yellow Daisies.



Have you ever seen a rainbow of daisies?

Nah….me neither!

Hahahaha! What a gorgeous bouquet of fresh ‘n sweet smelling daisies…..
….and aptly coloured for my erstwhile Beaver Leader (Scouting) nickname, which continues to stick with me – hahahaha! RAINBOW!! Love it!

This is the bountiful bouquet of flowers I was presented with at work yesterday in honour of my birthday… my wonderful, kind, and fun co-workers!!!!

Sunset Walk


Looking at the sky,

In serenity’s embrace

I breathe in deeply.


Went for a late afternoon walk on Wednesday…..figured it would do my wheezy lungs some good. It did. It has become my walk of peacefulness and appreciation.  A quiet time to think or just to look around and enjoy the scenery. Sometimes it isn’t all THAT quiet…..hahaha!…..when there are oodles of cars and trucks coming through! But there were quiet spells for sure.  A friend commented to me yesterday that she also enjoys her walks where she lives – she lives out in B.C.  (British Columbia) and therefore…..heaven.    There are beautiful mountains in B.C. so the scenery is quite spectacular.  And where I am the landscape is dotted with family farms and fields and small woods.  Different for sure.  I wrote back to her with “I live in heaven, too. Heaven is where one is… one’s heart.”

I noticed that the sun was on the descent towards the horizon  as I left the house, so I anticipated seeing a progression of views with the sun saying “good night.”

Here are some of those views…..

You’ll notice……there’s no snow!  Although it does happen in some years, for December, around here, that’s quite unusual.

Sunset over the quiet field


Good-bye says the sun,

As she slides behind the trees.

Trailing wispy clouds.


There are those classic, much-loved sunset shots over a stretch of water, be it ocean or lake.  I love them, too, But I find those other ones….behind trees, mountains, over an icy open field, for example, the oh-so-many other variations… draw me in every time.  They are all so mesmerizing.  The colour show is never the same.  But it always touches my heart and soul.

Colours of Autumn’s Arrival


Feel it in the air?

Summer is saying good-bye;

A change in colours.


Note: I love how just a few of the leaves are showing their colour changes…in speckles….and with the still-green ones all around them.



They peek from below –

Clusters of purple asters –

And whisper their joy.


Note:  These flowers are the ones that always whisper “autumn” to me. Those purple asters. I love them. Such a deep colour in a time of colour changes looming, particularly visible in so many kinds of tree leaves.


BIG NOTE:  I find out from the occasional interested blogging friend that it’s difficult to find my page – and instead get the message that it is no longer available – I am adding along my blogging link, which has helped others.  🙂

Colours and Shadows at Dusk


The sky says good-bye,

Crickets’ chorus, wolf pack howls;

Tranquil embraces.



Since early June I have been going on almost daily walks and often at different times in the day….morning, afternoons, and evenings.

I find it fascinating how plants and fields and trees look quite different in all those times.  Colours seem to change in intensity.  Some flowers close themselves up at night into tiny balls, yet during the day the petals are stretched out wide.  A plant with interestingly shaped leaves seems to “pop up” white to the dark green background.  And there are shadows in places now that were at other angles in earlier hours.

It feels like I’m discovering a new world at dusk.  And as every walk offers up something unique that sets it apart from previous ones, tonight I heard some wolf howls in the distance…to the west of where I stopped to listen.  Not the yappier, shorter calls of coyotes that I have heard on other nights, but the distinctive long tones of wolves – perhaps 3 or 4 with a few pup sounds also discernible.

Nature gifts me with such beautiful moments, and I am grateful.