A Chocolate Treat



Just two inches high,

A cute and tasty chocolate!

Little Dutch windmill.



My sons and I picked up my husband from the airport yesterday.  He’d gone to Holland for a fun, week-long trip with one of his cousins and returned with a nice collection of photos as well as some souvenirs and treats for the family.

There’s some Dutch ancestry on his side of the family, and we are all big fans of windmills and the beauty of tulips and the fine art of Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

He gave us all our individual little milk chocolate windmills yesterday, and so I quickly took some pictures of mine to show you – as they are quite distinct in design – before I gobbled mine up.  Haha!



Ohhh…..nummy num num!


Basket of Asian Fruits and Treats


Such exotic names,

Tasty and juicy delights;

Trying something new!



For Christmas this year, my daughter brought with her a basket filled with goodies she’d bought at an Asian food market.  Since we  enjoy exploring new foods and cuisines, there was a good chance we’d love this treat basket!

Looking at the above photo, things look a bit sparse, but that’s because we had already sampled some of the fruits that had lain on the top layer (same ones as can be seen in the bottom layer).  Everyone gave it a fair taste sampling, and it seems that it’ll be an acquired taste for some of them.  🙂

Left to right (top row) – Pocky, Coconut, Prickly Pear, Dragon fruit

Left to right (bottom row) – Prickly pear, some cupcakes, Passion fruit

….and little orange, blueberry, and cranberry nougat candies interspersed throughout.


Prickly pear (above) sliced open – has a refreshing, somewhat pear-like flavour….and many seeds the size of apple seeds which are edible.


Passion fruit (above) sliced open – Also first time for me to try…..only eat the seeds, and they are bursting with flavour! So juicy!


Dragon fruit sliced open…..seeds and fleshy texture somewhat similar to kiwi fruit – refreshing and tasty!  This fruit’s outer skin is so handy – just scoop out all that lovely dragon fruit!


Here is the coconut without its usual harder outer skin….

…..and a favourite Asian treat are the Pocky, which come in different flavours.  In this package the sticks are biscuity in flavour….with the chocolate dip and crunchy matcha tea bits in it.
Such a neat idea!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

In this year’s google images, I picked this one to send out good wishes to all of you, my friends on wordpress.  I love the SPARKLIES!  Hahaha!


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, my  Friends!!!  🙂  I hope you are all enjoying a fun celebration to ring in the next amazing year!  May your dreams come true or get just that much closer to coming true! May you find joy, kindness, and happiness in your every day! May you be in the best health yet! May you find yourself embraced in love and laughter for your next 365-day trip around the SUN!!


And I would like to share with you one particular thing I did to celebrate….

For a unique, new, fun, New Year’s Eve treat….my friend Deborah, Kirby (my husband) and I had a most enjoyable time dining at The Smokehouse Café in Renfrew, Ontario (approximately a 35 min. drive from our town, considering the snowy conditions).

Friends of mine, Bill and Sue and their staff (yay, Jessica!) provided us and another table of three (ladies also from the Almonte area) with a five-course delicious and gourmet meal. Wonderful service and laughs and good conversation as well. This photo shows the dessert – their pretty presentation of their Tiramisu dessert version….amaretto tirami sù with walnut brittle and white chocolate truffle (according to the menu). The chocolate truffle at the bottom of the plate just melted in my mouth – Mmm!, and I LOVED the chocolatey treble clef design on the left (yes, for THAT I licked my plate! Hahaha!). 🙂


The Chocolate Guitar


My daughter stopped by for a short visit this evening,

Bringing with her a surprise….in the spirit of Mother’s Day (last weekend).

She found this delightful treat in a store in a small town, while browsing with a friend,

A store that offered up all manner of delectables, including gelato, sherbets,

Regular ice cream, a diverse assortment of jelly beans,

Goodies and more goodies, including milk chocolate in unusual designs.

And well…..chocolate instruments?

They didn’t have drums in chocolate, which she hoped to find for me.

However, there were chocolate guitars!

Couldn’t play “Greensleeves” on it…..

But yummers!  It tasted really good!