Six Word Story #17

IMG_4448 (2)


Boldly colourful painting welcomes store visitors.




Outside of a quick, casual glance at the ground as I hurried into the store yesterday – it was raining at the time! – I didn’t pay THAT close attention to the painting.

However, as I was leaving the store with my two purchases from The Granary, which sells bulk items and vitamins and various natural soaps among other things, I couldn’t help but then properly notice the pretty sidewalk painting at my feet.

Naturally, I had to go back inside.  I paid my compliments to Christa who was then working in the store.  She told me it was another employee, Jane, who had done that painting, as well as all the other like creatively drawn smaller signs dotted in and around the store.  I asked her to please pass along my compliments to her for such a beautiful and cheerful greeting!




A Young Robin Says Hello


IMG_7819 (2)


Flurry of feathers;

Then a hip…hippity-hop.

Why, hello, new friend!




On the way to the cherry farm, we parked near one of those farmer booths along a smaller country road….and ended up buying some fresh-picked peaches and apricots for snacking.

Within seconds of our arrival, I caught the landing of this fine young robin out of the corner of my eye and decided to watch.

Robins are such cheerful birds to see going about their business. 😊





Autumn Wildflowers



Sprays of blue asters,

Clustered along the roadside,

And pink clovers, too.





There’s a back roads route I have been taking all summer up to the White Lake area – it’s a good 35-minute drive to my destination.  Winding here and there….with wildflowers and fields and forests and occasional wildlife to be seen.

Now that autumn has been setting in, not only do the tree leaves start changing their colours, but the later blooming wildflowers have their showy time.

For the past few days, those tiny bluish flowers have been smiling at me, as I drove by – looking like a sea of pale blue – and I didn’t want to miss out on looking at them up close, so on my drive back home two days ago, I stopped to take some pictures and to admire and enjoy their beauty.






They are such cheerful pretty flowers!




And then finally the wide view  of them along the roadside….





A Cheery Hello!

IMG_2144 (1)


Robin flies in low,

Soft landing; then hip, then hop –

Time to catch some worms.




As I was sitting in Stewart Park (in Perth, Ontario) today in the afternoon, waiting for some friends, I looked around….enjoying the view of the small brook flowing nearby, and the trees, and….

This beautiful robin flew along from behind where I was sitting on a bench and then passed in front of me, swooped a little semi-circle, and landed in the grass.

Seemed to me she didn’t mind my presence, as she hopped a bit and then stopped.  Hopped some more and stopped.  We gazed at each other; it felt like a cheerful greeting “hello!”

Here are some more views of the park….







Hello, Pretty Lady!

IMG_2061 (2)


Outside my bedroom

Window, I hear trills and chirps

Good morning, she says!



This pretty lady sang in the branches of our huge lilac tree outside our bedroom window on Friday morning, welcoming me back from our trip perhaps…..??

Such a sweetie.
Who might she be?
As the lilac is criss-crossing in branches, I didn’t get the clearest sight to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed her song and her presence!

Note:  A couple of friends have since told me that she’s a grey cat bird and has great mimicking skills. If she mimics as well as she sings, I am intrigued! I will do some research on her.

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a grey cat bird, and I used to occupy myself with regular bird-watching years ago.  Always another first, right?

This second photo shows her a bit more….



Phlox Paniculata


Flowers in August

Two-tone pink; they grow so tall

With more tiny buds!

157 161

These pink phlox paniculata have grown in my garden for many years now.  They are one of my most favourite flowers, and I look forward to their cheerful faces every year!  The original single plant has grown into a more bushier bunch.  Haha!  The pink makes them “jump out” in the midst of the lush greenery.

Wildflower Jazz

Two days ago on my walk, it seemed as if the wildflowers along the roadside were calling to me more insistently than ever before, and I found myself taking pictures…..and listening.

It felt to me like each flower called to me with its distinct vibes….and so it felt like I was offered up music.  And nature has a way of charming the listener with her diversity.  So, I present to you poetry of the wildflower jazz with its endless variance and free form.




Bountiful milkweed

Tight buds….bigger ones….opened

All there on one plant




Tiny yellow mouths

Open and close – no fire,

Gentle to the touch




Bright, cheerful faces,

Always travelling in groups.

Mini sunshine smiles!


Mystery Flower


Found low to the ground

Tiny purple clusters bloom,

Delicately soft.


Seemingly Familiar


Cute little bonnets

Just hanging around in groups,

Wait!  Those are daisies!




Did you like the show?

Melodies, notes, and singing.

Hello from the Sky.