Kitty Snoozes



Totally relaxed;

Eyes closed.  Quietly breathing.

Funny-looking pose!



Our Hemingway was snoozing on some bed covers the other day, and I couldn’t resist watching….and taking some photos.  So cute!




Flipped onto her side,

Her paw draped close to her face,

Perhaps she’s dreaming?



I put the second photo up as my laptop wallpaper.

A sweet view every time I open it up!



A Natural Model


Perched in her high place,

Fancying the window light.

She is motionless.


One day in June of last summer, Hemingway decided to keep me company in the bathroom.  As I sorted and tidied, she got into her favourite look-out spot where she can peer into the backyard.  Clearly, there was much to keep her attention at the window, as she didn’t seem too perturbed when I snuck out and returned with my camera to snap a few pictures.  She’d turn her head towards me and then back to the window….with a small variety of poses.  I think in this instance a bird may have caught her eye, causing her to look up towards the trees.

I am filled with great admiration for her.  As a model, she exudes her cat-like  grace and naturalness.

I love her colours and her bushy tail.


Cat in Winter


What is this white stuff?

Soft, fluffy, cool….it leaves tracks

And sticks to my fur.


Hemingway was still a little kitten last winter so we kept her inside, although we could tell she was intrigued by the white blanket outside as she looked out the windows.

So….this is her “first” actual outdoor winter experience.

Once our area belatedly but finally got the usual amount of snowfalls for this time of year, we started letting her outside….including some fun “tosses” into the soft piles of snow.  Well, it seemed to leave her undecided; didn’t take a shine to it right away. Yesterday, though, when we opened the front door, she scooted on outside and went right INTO the snow blanket! Then she discovered the shovelled path – in the above photo – and totally thought THAT was cool.. 

I think she just needed the snow stuff to grow on her, because today….every time we open the door, she’s right there and wants to jump into the fluffy fun stuff…..that licks and tastes a lot like water….and is just everywhere!  Getting wet with water generally isn’t a big hit with her, but snow, on the other hand…..hmmm…..

Her nice shaggy coat is keeping her warm as well.


Share the laughter; make someone’s day!

One of the many things I enjoy about social media is the opportunity to discover and then share funny stories or short funny video clips….especially when it’s creative, original, and all around good.

It feels great to hear someone say that something I posted had them laughing after they got up in the morning, or else made their day, or perhaps was  just something they needed to relax a bit.  And equally as good is when a friend shares something with me that has me giggling or laughing.

And so in the midst of the every day, I look for the funnier side of life.

For your enjoyment today, I have selected a particularly cute little clip.  Some of you may already be familiar with the animated cartoonist’s work who creates delightful experiences regarding Simon’s cat, that are amusingly drawn and certainly accurately reflect the quirks of living with a cat.  And for some of you this may be a first time.  I hope you will have a look at this clip.   You are forewarned that watching one clip about Simon’s cat most likely will have you looking at another and another….hahaha!

A friend shared this clip with me yesterday, and it definitely resonated strongly with me as there is a cat in our house that just LOVES playing in boxes – and I have previously posted about her adventures with the kleenex box.  During this Christmas time, there were a few boxes of various sizes popping up and laying about, and so she was having a heyday diving into first this one and then that one!  Aside from rearranging the tree decorations, these boxes also kept her endlessly amused.

So here… Simon’s Cat….

Hemingway……and Blask


Are you scratching your head yet?

Hmmm….so what does Hemingway have to do with Blask?

Nothing.  Although I’m sure the REAL Hemingway was quite familiar with drinking out of a wine flask.

I really wanted to talk about my new theme, Blask, but there wouldn’t have been a picture for my post, so I looked through recent photos of our cat, Hemingway, to add in and jazz it up a bit, haha! – you have already seen a few Hemingway pics….when she was hiding in the beer case and the kleenex box.

Now, as for the theme bit,  it all happened rather spontaneously two days ago.  My older son has been working on his own blogging page for almost a year, and then once I worked at it more regularly, we would talk about some of the cool people we were meeting and exchanging conversations with, and whose photos we’d get to see from around the world, etc.  And I could tell from his facial expression that my middle son was interested. Finally, two days ago, he decided to take that step and enter the world of wordpress.

I was sitting at my laptop at the same table, working away, but also close by in case he had any questions.  At the point where the theme choices came up, he was scrolling through them, and so, together, he and I picked out a couple to see how they would look for his page.  Meanwhile, the thoughts returned to my head about wanting to switch up my theme.  I’ve enjoyed the one I had been using – it was a big improvement over the very first one I had picked, and I was quite happy with it.  However, as I’m sure you know, you go visiting other blogger pages, and there are features that appeal to you.  So, I thought while my son was looking for his theme, I’d have some fun, too.  And so, I came across Blask.  And after sampling some type face (font) choices and background colours, etc, I was won over by the new layout and then switched and saved.

Keeping things fresh, right?  And there are more features on Blask for me to explore… creating a portfolio!  That part caught my eye, too, so that’s something I will be exploring in future.

So, in case you have dropped by recently for a visit and wondered at the big change in my page……now you know why.

And for new viewers to my page, I say, “welcome!”  And I hope you enjoy your visit.  🙂

The Cat Kleenex


Beware when you reach for a kleenex,

as you may find something you weren’t expecting!

Soft, yes…..but then all that fur!

I guess no box is too small or odd-shaped for cat explorations…..


Hey….there’s a tiny window in here…..


Funny-looking?  Me?

Umm…..okay, so how do I get out of this thing?

Getting in was easy!

Aha!  I think I have an idea…..those hind legs sure do come in handy!


One more pull…..AND……


….free again!

Clearly, she wasn’t feeling distressed, because as soon as I tossed over the empty kleenex box…..


….she dove right back into it.  Hahaha!