That Sketch Effect

Having some fun a few weeks ago….

Conrad holds up his phone as if to take a picture and says to Stephen and I, “Hey, make some weird faces!”

Stephen and I immediately contort our faces, and click, click goes Conrad’s phone camera.

We all look at the result, especially to see our silly faces – haha!  We end up laughing!

THEN….Conrad discovers effects in editing mode, so he goes through the choices….and the three of us laugh some more.

When he reaches the Sketch effect, we all say, “Wow!  That looks cool!”

We are now….cartoons??



Cartoon Mom

Sonja's manga drawing of me; April 15, 2016

Wavy lines in blue,

From photo – add manga touch;

I have become….art!



You may have noticed the change in my gravatar image.  I wanted something more recent, as the other photo was taken during the winter.  It is spring here now.

I was inspired to pick this particular portrait of me.  As it’s a cartoon drawing, it isn’t quite as noticeable as my other one (especially in the midst of other blogger gravatars), but I wanted to have some fun with it for a while!  It’s something new and different.

This drawing is a birthday present to me from my daughter, Sonja.  A manga-style drawing of me! So cool!  She’s been drawing since she was very young, and it was in her teen years that she developed an added interest and passion for animé and manga art.

She had done some similarly styled cartoon portraits of her brothers for their birthdays recently –  and so I asked her a while back if she’d do one of me.

I am thrilled with this drawing!

I love the swish of the hair and the smiling eyes!!


Share the laughter; make someone’s day!

One of the many things I enjoy about social media is the opportunity to discover and then share funny stories or short funny video clips….especially when it’s creative, original, and all around good.

It feels great to hear someone say that something I posted had them laughing after they got up in the morning, or else made their day, or perhaps was  just something they needed to relax a bit.  And equally as good is when a friend shares something with me that has me giggling or laughing.

And so in the midst of the every day, I look for the funnier side of life.

For your enjoyment today, I have selected a particularly cute little clip.  Some of you may already be familiar with the animated cartoonist’s work who creates delightful experiences regarding Simon’s cat, that are amusingly drawn and certainly accurately reflect the quirks of living with a cat.  And for some of you this may be a first time.  I hope you will have a look at this clip.   You are forewarned that watching one clip about Simon’s cat most likely will have you looking at another and another….hahaha!

A friend shared this clip with me yesterday, and it definitely resonated strongly with me as there is a cat in our house that just LOVES playing in boxes – and I have previously posted about her adventures with the kleenex box.  During this Christmas time, there were a few boxes of various sizes popping up and laying about, and so she was having a heyday diving into first this one and then that one!  Aside from rearranging the tree decorations, these boxes also kept her endlessly amused.

So here… Simon’s Cat….