And one more, please, Mom!


My family’s favourite: Buttermilk Oatmeal Pancakes!

We had them for supper tonight – Woohoo! With lovely maple syrup, these are welcome anytime. Everyone was digging in – hahaha! I love it when they do.

Made from scratch and a modified version of a recipe I found some 20 years ago, so I guess you could say it’s become a legit family recipe….??

I fry up pancakes in butter. Margarine was tried years ago, but it lost hands-down to butter. Hahaha!

As some of you may have experienced, once a recipe gets used so often that you can pull it out of your head at will, then also the original measurements don’t all stay the same; some things get eyeballed for how the mix looks, for example, the dry ingredients being well blended with flours and oat flakes.  And then once dry and wet ingredients have been mixed together, I like the batter to have a somewhat heavier consistency, so it doesn’t make runny pancakes but the kind that hold their shape in the hot pan….and yet flowing enough to create a thicker crèpe feel.  And then on some occasions those “secret” ingredients get added in just to change things up!  Like adding in chopped up fresh seasonal fruit.