Tri-tone Hydrangeas

IMG_5030 (2)


Don’t hydrangea flowers usually come in white, pink, or blue?

That was then.  This is now.  Seems I gotta get up to speed.

Horticulturalists are always breaking new ground, when it comes to flower colours, whether in tulips or carnations or roses…..and, as I recently found out, also hydrangeas.

Before Easter, grocery stores were stocked up with ever so many hydrangeas. In addition to the usual whites and blues of hydrangea blooms, there were also deep purples, deep pinks…..and well, I saw this tri-tone blend.

It immediately appealed to me!  Purple, pink, and white altogether…….why not?

So that was the non-chocolate Easter treat that I got for the family. 😀




And here are some single purple and pink ones that I also saw at the stores.








Driftin’ with the Blues

I have seen other bloggers sharing music videos on their pages, which I thought was rather cool, plus it adds a bit of variety……so this is my first one.

When I started learning to play drums about 6 1/2 years ago, and I was getting to explore the world of blues music – yep, my reasonably diverse musical knowledge was on the cusp of being expanded even more…haha! – a friend introduced me to The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, as he still is a big fan of their music.

I came across this clip today, one of several of theirs that I particularly enjoy, so I decided to share.

Hope you like it, too. 🙂