Waves at Tauranga Bay


Crashing waves in Tauranga Bay, Nov. 11th, 2017


Rhythmic sound of waves,

Continuously growing;

then crashing on shore.




The mighty, foaming waves crashing in at Tauranga Bay!!

Such an awesome sight!! ^_^

And the roaring sound!!

I stood there….watching….feeling mesmerized by the beauty and majesty of the ocean in its endless dance.




With different instruments….still as beautiful

One of my friends shared this clip with me yesterday

And I’d like to share it with you.

I love this cover!  

In addition to being played in a beautiful traditional Japanese way……do those instruments ever sound amazing!!…….BUT also being one of my most FAVIEST of songs!! And it wasn’t because of its popularity that I’ve always loved the Zeppelin version, but that there’s always something about it that seems to strongly resonate with me in the musicality of the song.

These Japanese players have given it a similar feel – I had goosebumps!!

I searched on youtube for this clip, as the original came from another source….and the BONUS part is at the very beginning they have added in some educational information on this unique instrument….the Nijugen-Koto.  And there’s the other quite similar instrument….the Jushichigen-Koto.  The flutes are called Shakuhachi.

Always something new to learn!


When Eyes Meet

IMG_6802 (3)

Up ahead first one deer crossed the road and jumped into the woods.

The roads were slick, so I had been driving quite slowly; I slowed down some more.

Another soon followed, except it didn’t continue as the other one but trotted up along the right shoulder.

Then it darted on down that junction road.

I thought that was it.

I looked left to see if there was movement; if there were any others.

And there it stood.  On the left side.

The third one.  Totally still.  Totally calm.

Taking in the scene……watching.

I stopped my car…..just idling.

Rolled down my window and gazed on that silent sentinel.

I watched its ears turn away….to the side and to back and then back to front.

Keeping tabs on me.  I was totally quiet and still.

Just taking quick pictures.

Who knows how long this will last?

Its eyes glanced left briefly, and then it put its full gaze on me.

What are we thinking as our eyes lock?

I am admiring this beautiful animal.  I feel excited…..beyond thrilled!

What about you, deer?


Sun in Trees


The orange circle

Suspended in the forest;

It has me spellbound.



Once nature finally decided to give us our share of snow and wintry temperatures, we have once again been able to enjoy the beauty of the white blanket everywhere on the ground, the white garlands and dresses of the trees, and the crisp or muffled sound that snow makes when we step on it.

The always fresh and endlessly enticing magic of winter.





Poetry from My Walks


Dry is the cornfield;

Tall and Silent.  And in front

My shadow dances.


Early evening

Where the sun hangs in a tree –

See the flying geese?


A stately maple,

Standing tall and fully dressed,

In golden yellow.

125 (2)

A Surprised Squirrel

Stops…..we watch each other……Runs

Then comes the scolding!


Cabin by the woods,

Blends with every season’s hues,

Saying, “Come on in!”

156 (2)

As I head back home,

Flying high above….honking

“It’s time to migrate!”

The Fox – Smart and Beautiful


Nimble and graceful,

A hunter of diverse skills;

Tends to stay hidden.


Almost a month ago, on my afternoon walk, I came across the dead body of a fox off to one side of the country road.  It looked to have been hit by a passing vehicle.

As I gazed upon its still body and wondered what its life had been like….growing up and romping around through its home terrain, and hunting for its prey…..I thought back to a week-long trip I had taken with my youngest son in 2011, almost the same time again in end of August, to Prince Edward Island – a lovely island province in Canada about a full day’s drive east from where I live.

My son and I had rented a small cottage for a week and had taken daily trips to various places on the island for exploring….some beaches and other sights.  One day as we headed for the Rustico Beach area, as I was driving along the road, I noticed up ahead a couple of other vehicles that had stopped and I wondered what had grabbed the drivers’ attention.  We soon found out….


A calico-looking fox!  Leisurely crossing the road….and then….


….we could see two more.  I had stopped the car to watch, just as the others had.  With no car engine noise and our windows down, we just enjoyed watching the foxes.  Certainly not like the always hiding foxes that live around our area….no, these foxes seemed quite familiar with cars going through their territory and feeling comfortable enough to check the people out as well.


This one came up fairly close, and we checked each other out….calmly and quietly.


Then he moved a bit further and decided to hang out some more…..

108 113

Do those dog-like things like relaxing on the ground…..scratching some itchy spots….


And having another look in our direction.

That was SO COOL!  I had never seen foxes in the wild so close-up before!  It felt incredibly thrilling to have had such an encounter.

Such a smart and beautiful animal with its handsome face and orange, black, and white fur markings.


Summer Red Sunset


On my evening walk

The red sun bids me good-bye,

Cradled  by the trees.


Then I walk some more

Thinking she has disappeared.

I turn to look – ha!


Further down the road

Hanging suspended in blue;

Now a pale pink orb.

Note:  On my walk two evenings ago, in the midst of my thoughts I looked up and saw the red sun, looking so different with no clouds and blue sky to reflect off her colours.  And my first urge was to run back down the road to the house to get my camera.  But then I thought, the sun sets fast….usually….and by the time I would get back to this spot, she’d be hidden by the trees.  So, I opted to use my phone camera, so I could at least remember this experience.

Mischevious as she is, after I had walked a good stretch more, she HADN’T disappeared yet, and I thought – oh!  I could have run back for my camera!  You tricked me!  Haha!  Oh well.

And even further on, I looked again, and that’s when the sun looked so beautiful as a pink orb, floating….suspended in the all around hazy bluish sky.  Just before she finally set.

I was so mesmerized with that image.

I Believe….

I watched a movie on the weekend, an oldie, with John Cusack and Jack Black, Joan Cusack, and Iben Hjejle….High Fidelity.  It had been a while since I last saw it.  Combination comedy/romance but more like comedy/relationships.  There was a good deal of music in the film, too.  The one that stuck with me the most was the song playing with the end credits……Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe (When I Fall in Love).”  It’s one of my favie songs of his, and I immediately looked it up on youtube – after finishing the movie – and played it over and over.  It’s so beautiful.  Now sharing it with you, as that is also part of life experiences.  You may know it or you may not yet, but I hope you will have a listen to the lyrics and melody and let Stevie Wonder cast his musical spell on you.  Sing along if you feel like it, too.

Have a wondrous day.  🙂