Colours and Shadows at Dusk


The sky says good-bye,

Crickets’ chorus, wolf pack howls;

Tranquil embraces.



Since early June I have been going on almost daily walks and often at different times in the day….morning, afternoons, and evenings.

I find it fascinating how plants and fields and trees look quite different in all those times.  Colours seem to change in intensity.  Some flowers close themselves up at night into tiny balls, yet during the day the petals are stretched out wide.  A plant with interestingly shaped leaves seems to “pop up” white to the dark green background.  And there are shadows in places now that were at other angles in earlier hours.

It feels like I’m discovering a new world at dusk.  And as every walk offers up something unique that sets it apart from previous ones, tonight I heard some wolf howls in the distance…to the west of where I stopped to listen.  Not the yappier, shorter calls of coyotes that I have heard on other nights, but the distinctive long tones of wolves – perhaps 3 or 4 with a few pup sounds also discernible.

Nature gifts me with such beautiful moments, and I am grateful.